“Our Message Resonating With the People” -Cummings Upbeat After Bong Endorsement

MONROVIA: Obviously being elated after a huge turnout during an endorsement program by citizens of Bong County to support his presidential bid in the ensuing general elections, the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings has said the message of an imminent real change for Liberia, which has been the cornerstone of his campaign for the Liberian presidency, is fast resonating with the people, and come October 10, 2023, the Liberian people will seal a deal with him to lead the country out of the wilderness they have witnessed in the last six years under the administration of President George Manneh Weah.

Addressing a group of media institutions in a post endorsement interview in Gbarnga City, Bong County, Cummings said he was happy that the Liberian people are seeing reasons to replace the Weah administration with a more competent and results-oriented leadership under the CPP, having seen what President Weah has turned the country into. Cummings said he, and his running mate Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, are energized by the citizens’ determination to take their destiny in their own hands.

“We are energized by the resolve of Liberians all over the country where we have gone and yet to visit for true and real change. This ticket which Charlyne and I represent will be the most workaholic ticket ever to help the Liberian people out of the suffering, frustration and difficulties this incompetent government has brought on the people”, Cummings said in response to a question on why he was so tireless in reaching out from one place to another in quicker succession.

Cummings described the endorsement program as ‘wonderful’, saying it sent a clear message across a broad spectrum of the society, be it socio-political, religious or any level of affiliation, that the people are ready for change. The CPP standard leader praised the people of Bong County, especially Senator Henry Yallah and others who are leading the charge in Bong County on behalf of the CPP for the cause of redemption and the enthronement of a purposeful leadership in the country.

“Today has been a wonderful day for us. It was an exciting day. The people of Bong County have spoken. They want real change and they see us as bringing real change.

“We have sent a message to every county and every county is in the fold. We will compete everywhere. We will not give up on any county to any political party.

“Our message is resonating around Liberia, whether it is with the young people, the women, the civil servants, the civil society, the religious people; we are making the wave and today was another demonstration of the progress we are making.

“We are making a wonderful gain in the Southeast. Before then, we were in Bassa and now we are in Bong. We will be visiting the rest of the country as well,” Cummings stated emphatically.

Asked why the CPP’S “real change” message was resonating with the people, Cummings, who was also accompanied by an entourage of party stalwarts that also included his running mate Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, National Chairman Musa Hassan Bility, Campaign lead Lewis Brown, among others, said the party has been direct in addressing issues affecting the people and keeping the country down, by proffering the way forward which according to him found a deep sense of reasoning and reality in the minds of the people.

‘We have told the people that they must benefit from their resources; we are saying Liberia is too rich to be poor. We have said our women deserve a better life than the poverty and destitution in which they are living; we have said the country needs a better security of lives and properties; we have said that our children need a better future.

“We have said that every good thing is possible for our people when we have a responsible government that will stop the stealing and use the money for the people. The real change will stop all the corruption and incompetence in government”, Cummings said.

To demonstrate the synergy and cordial relationship that will exist between his running mate and himself, Cummings introduced Charlyne as “the incoming Vice President” and asked her to make input in some of the questions being fielded from the media, for which Cllr. Brumskine showcased her readiness and capability to be a functioning deputy to Cummings when they eventually win the presidency.

“The issue of drugs among our young people affects every fabric of our national lives, especially the health of our people. And the way to approach it for a workable solution is for the government to show the political will to combat it.

“The Cummings-Brumskine ticket will address policy issues around it and save the country from drugs and the abuses. We will address the issue of poverty, work to eradicate it by providing suitable and decent living conditions for our people.

“We will make sure that the security sector is supported to protect our borders, to arrest offenders and prosecute them through our justice system that will have to be reformed. Our government will lead by example”, Cllr. Brumskine said in response to a question on how the government will address the drug issue in the country.

She said the CPP administration under Cummings will represent empowerment of women and young people, a responsive government, a respecter of the rule of law that will make prudent use of the resources of the country while waging war against corruption, crimes, waste, among others. She emphasized that the CPP government will be gender-sensitive and devise means to ensure that equal opportunities are afforded to all citizens without any bias.

The Bong Endorsement Highlights

Prior to CPP Standard Bearer Cummings’ interview with the media in Gbarnga, Bong County, the city center was already charged with excitement and jubilation when a mass rally and endorsement program organized by a former Bong County Senator Henry W. Yallah was held at the David Kuyon Sports Stadium on Saturday, June 17, 2023 for the Cummings-Brumskine ticket.

According to our reporter who covered the occasion, citizens from every shade of the county, including elders, religious leaders, prominent individuals, women and youth groups, student groupings, community leaders, as well as partisans and supporters of the CPP swooped on the venue amidst singing, dancing and shouting of slogans while commuters had difficult moving from one place to another as the city was virtually shut down.

Stating his justification for endorsing the CPP ticket, former Bong County Senator Yallah told the citizens of Bong County that he was vouching for Cummings because of the character of the CPP Standard Bearer and the plans he has for Bong County, adding that all the indicators were clear that Cummings will make the best president after he had a one-on-one conversation with Mr. Cummings.

*What I heard from him, and I believe in what he told me, he is not the lying kind. What I have read and heard about him as a corporate giant, in my capacity as former Senator and leader of this county I now endorse Alexander B. Cummings for President of Liberia”, the former Bong County lawmaker declared.

“Let me say this to you, don’t let anybody confuse you. Bong and Grand Bassa Counties are one, we cut across one another; and with Mr. Cummings and Brumskine as Fixer-One and Fixer-Two, Bong and Liberia at large are heading for a greater change,” Mr. Yallah said.

Also, at the program, a faith-based political movement, The Kingdom Legislators Inc, endorsed the presidential bid of Mr. Cummings and conferred on him an associate membership status. The Kingdom Legislators Inc. was established in March 2021 with a membership strength of 5,000 pastors spread in six counties, including Bong, Grand Bassa, Lofa, Nimba, Margibi and Montserrado Counties.

According to its spokesman, Pastor Dominion O. Roberts, Christians nationwide have a responsibility to provide moral guidance, prayers and help Liberians to elect good leaders. He said, following careful evaluation of the major presidential contenders, Mr. Cummings has proven to be the best and most suitable.

Pastor Roberts spoke highly of Cummings’ unblemished and enviable record at Coca-Cola, as well as his vast business connections, and his understanding of the corporate world, which accordingly makes him the most suitable to revive the ailing Liberian economy and create the needs jobs to tackle the galloping unemployment rate in the country.

He said Mr. Cummings has a compelling passion to lift Liberia to become a prosperous nation; therefore, as Christian ministers of the gospel, they wholeheartedly endorsed Mr. Cummings.

Meanwhile, a conglomeration of women from diverse backgrounds under one umbrella named and styled “Women Loyal to Senator Yallah”, also endorsed Mr. Cummings’ candidacy.

In accepting his endorsement, the CPP Standard Bearer expressed gratitude to the people of Bong County for the massive turnout and their show of support and solidarity for his Presidential bid come October 10. He also extended special thanks and appreciation to Senator Yallah, the CPP Bong County structure, and members of the Kingdom Legislators for the confidence reposed in him and their pledge of support to his election as the next President of Liberia.

The CPP Standard Bearer expressed explicit confidence that with the massive show of support and solidarity in Bong, Grand Bassa, Maryland and other parts of Liberia, and with God’s guidance, he is certain of his ascendancy as the next President of Liberia.

He assured Liberians that with Counsellor Brumskine by his side as vice running mate, who he describes as an inspiration to young people, “we will win and have the mandate to change Liberia for the benefit of all Liberians.”

The CPP Standard Bearer said all Liberians, irrespective of political or religious affiliations, ethnicity, status or creed will benefit from the country’s resources and have equal rights and access to jobs and opportunities, when he is elected President.

“So, for the young people and women, the farmers, among others, today we began the journey of transforming this county and country because of your help and support”, he said.

Speaking earlier at the occasion, CPP Vice Standard Bearer Charlyne Brumskine said standing beside Mr. Cummings was the right political decision she made because Cummings has great love for Liberia. She inspired the women that there was no special difference between them and her, stressing everything that God has blessed her with they too can achieve similar things.

She praised Cummings for being gender sensitive and willing to avail whatever opportunity that exists to empower women to reach the peak of their chosen undertaking as well as being a leader who has zero tolerance for corruption, unlike others who have been in politics for virtually the rest of their active life but with nothing to show for it.

“All the things Mr. Cummings has done in this country are the things the Liberian people need most”, she accentuated, adding “if you decide that you are tired of suffering; if you decide that you deserve better jobs, the time is now. Go on October 10 and make the right decision by voting for the CPP ticket!” she stated confidently.

She used the occasion to call on every patriotic and well -meaning Liberian, particularly the women and youths, to support the ticket to make Cummings President of Liberia, saying, “vote for change, vote for the economy that will make Liberia better”.

For his part, CPP Chairman Musa Hassan Bility expressed thanks and appreciation to Senator Yallah and his entire team, and most gratefully thanked the people of Bong County for coming out in their numbers to send a message that they want a better life.

Cummings, accompanied by CPP stalwarts, returned recently from a visit to Maryland County and other southeastern counties, including Rivergee and Grand Kru.

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