NPHIL Authorities Took Us to 14-Military, Not Any Indian -Three Indians Disassociate From “Smear Campaign” Against Jeety

Three Indians recently admitted at the 14 Military Hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 have denied they were forced to seek treatment at the hospital and have had other Indians barred from supporting their recovery process by authorities of the Indian Community.


The three Indians: Mukeh, Mitesh and Bhunesh, were reacting to a broadcast segment on Joy FM radio and in other media publications in which the media alleged that the three Indians were compelled by Mr. Jeety, honorary Consular of India, to seek admission at the 14 Military Hospital. The media report further alleged that the Indians were receiving subpar treatment and accommodation at the hospital and have had other Indians, including their families, barred from providing support to them during their admission.


During a telephone conversation with Joy FM recently, the Indian COVID-19 patients said they were being attended to appropriately like every other patient at the 14 Military. According to Mukeh, Mitesh and Bhunesh, no one, not even Mr. Jeety, who it was alleged compelled the Indians to seek treatment at 14 Military, ever forced them against their fundamental rights to be transferred to the hospital as portrayed in the media.

They explained that following the death of their brother, Sanjay Chawla, from COVID 19 complications, they were informed by one madam Hawa from NPHIL that they had all become contacts and needed to be tested. Their samples were taken and following the test, they were informed by the same Madam Hawa that they were positive and needed to be moved immediately to 14 Military Hospital for isolation and to begin treatment.

They further clarified that unlike the diabolical attempt by some to malign Mr. Jeety good character by falsely claiming that he forced them to go to the 14 Military Hospital and that he was also preventing other Indians from providing support to them during their admission, it was the health authorities at the National Public Health Institute (NPHIL) through normal established protocol that tested, confirmed and transferred them to the 14 military, the only designated COVID-19 treatment center in the country, for treatment where they are being treated and nurtured back to full health. They expressed gratitude to Dr. Hessou, head of the 14 Military Hospital, for the concern and good care who also confirmed that our test came back positive. He extended his sympathy while confirming that our late brother was COVID-19 positive, stressing that nearly a third of COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic.



The three men, speaking separately, averred that since their admission at the 14 Military, the Honorary Indian Consul General, Mr. Jeety has provided them all necessities including, blankets, immunity boasters and three hot cooked-Indian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) daily.  They said Mr. Jeety has addressed all concerns that they have raised with him, adding “we thank the Indian Consulate near Monrovia for aiding us as we undergo our treatment  and taking care of our families who must now be isolated from us,” adding further, “at no time has Mr. Jeety barred my, Mukesh, wife, our families or any other Indian from providing us food and other support through established protocols at the 14 Military hospital. We like to reiterate that we welcome the help and support of “every sympathizer and well-wisher, including Indians and others.”


Meanwhile, Mukeh, Mitesh and Bhunesh said they wish to, through this manner, strongly condemn and disassociate themselves from the malicious intent and diabolical scheme permeating the media geared towards tarnishing the character of Mr. Jeety, Honorary Consul General.  “It is public knowledge that Mr. Jeety has taken on the selfless task of providing support to the government of Liberia during this critical period through support to 14 Military Hospital and feeding the needy daily at various locations around the city. Such reporting is intended to frustrate his intentions and purpose and cause him to retreat from his humanitarian work. We encourage Mr. Jeety not to be deterred by the scheme of detractors and to continue serving humanity.”


The three Indian COVID-19 patents informed narrated that authorities at the hospital have taken further samples for testing. Authorities have also told them that at the end of the two weeks treatment regime, samples will be taken for testing, and if they come back negative, their condition will be monitored for eventual discharge through standard relapse risk management and patient discharge procedures at the 14 Military.


The three men concluded by encouraging everyone who has been in contact with a COVID 19 positive persons to consider getting tested because Corona is real, but treatable, and not a death sentence.

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