Nathaniel Falo McGill: The way forward for Margibi -Margibian Says Joseph Yarpuyah Cannot Win This 2023

MONROVIA – A son of of Margibi County, Alexander S. Kerkula, says the former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Falo McGill is the way forward for Margibi County and that the chances of Joseph Yarpuyah, an aspirant to win the 2023 Senatorial election against Mr. McGill is slim.

Mr. Kerkula therefore advised Margibi County Senator Emmanuel Nuquay, a sponsor of the candidature of Mr. Yarpuyah, to be very careful in how he goes about spending money in the process on Senatorial aspirant Yarpuyah.

In a letter to Senator Nuquay, dated April 11, 2023, Mr. Kerkula said looking at the political future of their dear county, Margibi, he strongly believes that the county deserves the best from each and every one of them.  

“In this light, I personally thought to conduct a political survey throughout the length and breadth of our county regarding the senatorial ambition of our brother, Joseph Yarpuyah and his chances of winning and it proves the other way around, not what we are expecting,” Mr. Mr. Kerkula said.    

He maintained that in a very clear tone, Joseph Yarpuyah cannot win this 2023 senatorial election in front of Honorable Nathaniel Falo McGill after seeking the opinion of our people.

“I will respectfully inform you that Hon. McGill is the way forward for our dear county.  

Please note that I will see you as a leader of our county and still highly respect you as such,” Mr. Kerkula said in his letter, adding, “I would like to honestly advise you to be very careful as you go about spending money in this process on Yarpuyah.”   

In view of the above, Kerkula who has been a strong supporter of Senator Nuquay indicated that he is pleased to inform the Senator (Nuquay) that any moment from now, he will be pledging his support to Hon. Nathaniel Falo McGill who is preferred by the majority of the people of Margibi as their next senator.

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