Minister Kemayah Reaffirms Liberia’s Commitment to One China Policy -As Chinese Ambassador turns over major project

Foreign Affairs Minister Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kemayah has reaffirmed the One China policy of the government of Liberia which he said was legislated into law and commended the government and people of China for the level of development assistance extended the country over the years.

According to a dispatch from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia, Minister Kemayah made the statement yesterday, Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at a ceremony marking the signing the handover and acceptance certificates for the 6th term of China-Aided Bamboo and Rattan Weaving and vegetable Planting Technological Assistance Project to Liberia held at the Minister’s conference room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“The One China Policy is a policy that we reaffirmed our commitment to, as a country, through legislation, which makes it a Law; and we are pleased to state that this administration led by Dr. George Manneh Weah, remains committed to upholding the One China Policy”,  Minister Kemayah said.

The Dean of Cabinet, extend profound thanks on behalf of the Government and people of Liberia to the Government and people of the People’s Republic of China for the assistance and support rendered the Bamboo and Rattan Weaving and Vegetable Planning Technological Assistance Project as well as other projects towards the reconstruction and development of Liberia.

“We are particularly pleased, Mr. Ambassador, that this project from its inception to current, created an opportunity for capacity building for 900 Liberian youths”, he said . The Minister also indicated that Liberia is looking forward to more of such support in relations to youth empowerment and youth development.

“When we create opportunities for our youths, we will be doing a lot towards nation building; we will be supporting His Excellency, the President of Liberia’s vision towards poverty reduction”, he noted.

The Liberian Foreign Minister indicated that China and Liberia have come a long way and that Liberia looks forward to see how the two nations can continue to collaborate for the realization of landmark projects approved previously by the two countries.

“In Liberia, we experience temporary setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as this world is making gains, we see many doors being opened; it is our call for us to consolidate efforts towards the realizations of those projects.”

“It is with more pleasing duty, with almost humility, to witness a signing ceremony in this conference room for a document that further enhances the bilateral ties between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Liberia,”  Minister Kemayah told the Chinese Envoy at the occasion.

For his part, the Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, His Excellency Ren Yissheng said through the use of these renewable natural resources, the Government of Liberia will be able to create opportunities for economic growth, youth employment and women empowerment.

He said that the Chinese technical team has been working in Liberia for more than one decade training hundreds of Liberians under the model capacity-building project which, he said, will help Liberians make use of their natural resources to produce Liberian products adding  “the project has promoted the concept of “made in Liberia, made by Liberians and made from Liberia”

Touching on Agriculture, which is one of the main cardinal projects on the agenda of the government, the Chinese envoy stressed that agriculture is a very important area in Liberia’s economic development, adding China has been, and will continue to support Liberia through meaningful venture in agriculture.

The Ambassador also told the gathering that this bamboo and rattan weaving team has expanded its project to Klay Agriculture and Vocational Training Center in order to share agriculture techniques and skills with more young people.

“We will invite Chinese experts to come and offer onsite training in the agriculture field and encourage more entrepreneurs to invest in Liberia especially in the areas of fishery including marine fishing and freshwater aquaculture and aquatic product processing in the future,” he added.

Also making brief remarks during the signing ceremony, the Assistant Foreign Minister for Afro-Asian Affairs, Madam Nawomie Gray lauded China for the gesture and indicated that the project is helping to empower young Liberians to be self-sufficient.

She said the gesture by the People’s Republic of China at this time is a cleared manifestation of the excellent bilateral ties subsisting between Liberia and the People’s Republic of China.

Another government functionary speaking at the occasion, Mr. Isaac Doe, Deputy Minister for Youth Development, who proxy for the Youth and Sports Minister at the occasion, thanked the People’s Republic of China for the project and said the GOL, through the Ministry of Youths and Sports is grateful to the Chinese and will continue to seek China’s intervention in critical areas including the empowerment of vulnerable youths in Liberia.

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