McGill Alarms over Fake Social Media Accounts -Issues DISCLAIMER

MONROVIA: Margibi County Senator-elect Nathaniel Falo McGill is cautioning the public about fake and slanderous Facebook and Whatsapp accounts created in his name by identity theft fraudsters who are using his picture, speaking like him and defrauding people of their hard-earned money.

“My attention has been drawn to fake and slanderous Facebook and WhatsApp accounts created in my name, with my picture, speaking like me, and defrauding people of their hard-earned money. This is to inform the general public, especially the online community, that I have not authorized anyone to set up, operate, or make any post on my behalf with such accounts,” Senator-elect McGill alarmed in a Facebook post on Sunday, December 17.

The recently certificated Margibi County Senator-elect further informed that he has only one Facebook account and phone number to contact family and friends.

“This is my only approved Official Facebook page, “Hon. Nathaniel F. McGill”. Besides, we have continued to report these activities to the police about the criminal individuals who are still using WhatsApp and Facebook accounts with my picture, speaking like me, and defrauding people; the practice still continues.

“We are again warning the public to be mindful of these criminal individuals. Anytime someone calls you as Nathaniel McGill, please verify by asking the person to do a video call so that you can see the person. At the same time, be warned that I am not in the business of negotiating business deals with people. Please avoid doing business with people in my name.

“As Senator-elect of Margibi County, please contact my office anytime you receive a message or WhatsApp call from anyone calling themselves Nathaniel McGill. We want to thank the police for arresting some of the individuals in the past, but the practice has not stopped. So let the public be warned!” McGill cautioned.

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