LNP Takes Measures to Curb Vehicle Theft

By Sallu K. Swaray

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has introduced new laws for garage owners across the country stating that anybody who carries vehicle to garages for spraying should first contact the police for verification before the spraying of the vehicle.

Speaking at a news conference over the weekend at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police, the Deputy Inspector General for Crimes Services and CID Affairs, Prince Mulbah “Code-named 103” said the measures by the police is to curtail vehicle theft from both government and private owners by criminals in the country.

Col. Mulbah said whenever a vehicle is taken to a garage for spraying or change of the vehicle color, the garage owner is under obligation by dictate of this new regulation to copy the serial number and color of the vehicle and immediately contact the police so that there will be thorough scrutiny of a verification to determine if the vehicle is a private or government owned.

He indicated that the new law is to enlighten all owners of garages in Liberia to get involve to help the government through the Liberia National Police to curtail vehicle theft, stating that the LNP has instituted this measure because the police authorities often received many complaints of stolen vehicle from the general public.

“We are alerting the public to avoid vehicles theft and the hasty spraying of vehicles without authorization. All garage owners must strictly adhere to the [new regulation] by reporting cases of such nature to the police as early as possible,” Col. Mulbah said.

On crime-related matters, the Deputy Inspector General for Crimes Services and CID Affairs added that the LNP administration under the watch of the Inspector General, Colonel Patrick Sudue is making tremendous strides in curbing crimes.

He stated that the police have made a number of arrests in Montserrado, Lofa, Bong and other counties; and at present some of the prime suspects arrested by the police for alleged involvement in vehicle theft are currently undergoing police investigations, while other suspects have been forwarded to court with their charge sheets for immediate prosecution.

At the same time, Col. Mulbah has also confirmed that the police have received a death certificate indicating the death of the late CBL Deputy Director for Microfinance Matthew J. Innis from the National Public Health Institute; but said the police cannot give any details of his death to avoid undermining the investigation which the police is presently conducting.

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