“Let’s Take Ownership of Our Problems” -Cummings Calls for Homegrown Approach to Rebuilding Liberia

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has stressed the need for Liberians to take ownership of the country’s problems and find enduring and sustainable solutions instead of relying solely on solutions from international partners.

Cummings made the assertion, when he addressed a group of Liberians, Canadian educators and business leaders at the Hamilton Public Library in Canada on October 13, 2022.

The CPP Standard Bearer was invited to share his perspective on developing a strong governance and partnership for sustainable development and education, aimed at exploring how institutional partners such as the McMaster University Office of International Affairs, Empowerment Squared, and the Hamilton Public Library can be helpful in Liberia’s transformation.

Canada and international development partners have repeatedly argued that poor economic performance in developing countries like Liberia is largely due to bad governance.

The scars and destruction of the 14 years brutal civil war are still visible, with Liberia recorded as having the lowest literacy rate, 70 percent of schools damaged, serious infrastructural challenges, poor education system, and many school-age youths out of school, according to UNDP.

Cummings said Liberians will have to “take ownership of their problems, take ownership of the solutions, and then identify the right partners who can help solve or achieve the solutions.”

He said most often international partners using their money and resources, will tell Liberians or Africans what they want to do for us, but in order to find an enduring and sustainable solutions, Liberians will have to own up to their problems, and find practical, enduring and sustainable solutions, shifting from the international dependency syndrome.

He said a tripartite engagement amongst government, civil society and the private sector can work together in finding enduring solutions that can be sustainable, even after the departure of the international partners.

“We can work together, study and understand the various sectors, develop solutions to the problems of education, health and investment in agriculture, shifting from the dependency syndrome,” Cummings said.

Referencing, the country’s poor education system, Cummings said a primary focus of a CPP Government would be to immediately initiate an aggressive teachers’ training program from primary to university levels aimed at improving the quality of education throughout Liberia. He said medium term measures would be education through technology, working with the few great professors to conduct classes, using technology and existing libraries and centers as hubs to impart knowledge to students and have national/political discussions anywhere within Liberia.

According to the CPP Standard Bearer, government partnership with civil society and the private sector are as important and critical as relationships with international partners in finding enduring local solutions to Liberia’s development needs.

“Partnerships are important, relationships matter, and identifying the right expertise and resources are critical as building relationships with other European countries other than just our traditional partner, the United States,” he said.

  1. Garsuah Gborvlehn says

    Alexander Cummings, it is people like you and your mentality which are the problems of Liberia. You have no actual knowledge or experience about politics or government. You cannot be trusted because you have been caught in the criminal act of forgery. You recklessly believe that by been a liar and bribing the press to cover your incompetence and criminal acts, and by gathering a bunch of corrupt and notorious stooges , you have a political following, when this can never be the case.


    You go about conniving with cartels and criminals as Michael Rubyn making fake videos against an incumbent government, simply because you want power, when you do not have the voters on your side. No country wants A LIAR AND A CRIMINAL AS ITS LEADER. YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY. YOU ARE WORSE THAN A PROBLEM. Your criminal act would destroy a collaboration, then you go about claiming chairmanship of an entity which is non existent.

  2. Kou Gontee says

    Cummings, is ” taking ownership of the country’s problems and find enduring and sustainable solutions instead of relying solely on solutions from international partners” the criminal, corrupt, and undemocratic conducts on your part, since you jumped from the Coca Cola Factory after they refused to renew your contract, and you told them you were returning to Liberia to be president overnight? No, it is not Alexander Cummings. You never thought about Liberia until your application to renew your contract at Coca Cola was rejected.

    You can go on paying newspapers to disseminate such disinformation of referring to you as leader of a collaboration which has been broken to pieces, or better still believe that by grouping rejected corrupt people or notorious job seeking stooges and indicted criminals as Musa Bility etc to dress your fake propaganda that you have some political grouping other than your little and unknown ANC. But that does not and can never ever alter the fact that you are far far far away from ever getting near the presidency of this country.

    You are there ranting that “poor economic performance in developing countries like Liberia is largely due to bad governance.” But let us ask you. Is it a sign of good governance when you decided to forge documents and make insertions in the document which would shackle voters from voting as they choose? Or candidates been compelled to stay within a collaboration simply because you Cummings want to attain the selfish financial interests of you and your cartel?

    Its even reported how you and your cartel including war criminal Ellen Johnson Sirleaf offered Joseph Boakai the bribe of six million US Dollars to make way for you an incompetent, and inexperience wannabee to become standard bearer of the CPP which your criminal and corrupt acts destroyed. We even see you here having poor natives carrying you in a hammock via their heads and,necks and shoulders. IS THAT WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS CHANGE? YOU BETTER GO BACK TO YOUR PRIVATE LIFE. FOR YOU HAVE NO MIND OF PATRIOTISM OR POLITICAL LEADERSHIP. YOU HAVE A FACTORY MENTALITY. PERIOD!

  3. T.Nathaniel Tamba 111 says

    Alexander Cummings, certainly, any nation, including the sovereign nation of Liberia takes ownership of its problems. And taking ownership of the problems begins by naming, shaming, such as you in desperation of becoming president at the expense and cost of the people and the country.

    Your records (selfish agenda, hatred for accountability, political incompetence, etc), according to people with you at your ANC, and those who left you, and your behavior since you got drowned into the delusion that one can become president of Liberia by generally BRIBING HIS OR HER WAY THROUGH, are the actual problems which the Liberian people have decided to take ownership of by inter alia ensuring that neither you nor your LIRO GANG ever succeed in imposing any leadership or tyranny on Liberia.

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