Lawmaker wants MOT, LTM and LNP summoned -Over the Issuance Of Driver’s Licenses, Plates And Traffic Lights Maintenance

MONROVIA – Grand Bassa County District#5 Representative Thomas Goshua wants the Plenary of the House of Representatives to invite Authorities of the Ministry of Transport, Liberia Traffic Management and the Liberia National Police respectively over issues surrounding the issuance of driver’s licenses, plates and traffic lights maintenance.

Lawmaker Goshua stated in a communication to Plenary that he has closely followed discussions in the public about an attempt to usurp the functions of the Ministry of Transport by outsourcing its major responsibilities- issuance of driver’s licenses, license plates, traffic lights maintenance and regulation, as well as other essential related functions that fall under the Transport Ministry, to a private company called Liberia Traffic Management.

He noted that Information reaching his desk shows that the situation has created a stalemate between the Ministry of Transport, the Liberia National Police and the Liberia Traffic Management.

The Grand Bassa County District#5 Representative expressed fear that if care is not taken to resolve the matter between these two Government institutions and the privately owned company, it may potentially undermine domestic revenue, which will have an adverse impact on development.

He prayed the indulgence of his colleagues to invite before full Plenary the three parties to explain the origin of the contractual agreement between the Government of Liberia and the Liberia Traffic Management, how such is lawfully not conflicting with the act that established the Ministry of Transport, as well as redefine the role of the Liberia National Police in the entire situation.

Meanwhile, Lofa County Rep. Clarence Massaquoi in his motion added that City Parking management should also be made to appear before Plenary since in fact it has to do with traffic and road safety issues.

According to him the Monrovia City Parking collects money from individuals and issued tickets that carry security or safety of vehicles lies squarely with the owners, not them.

The three parties including Monrovia City parking are expected to appear in Plenary in two weeks.

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