Gongloe warns against wrong choices in 2023

MONROVIA – Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe has urged Liberians or voters not to elect “criminals” into public offices during next year’s elections on grounds that these people only know their importance during electioneering but thereafter abandon them when there are no elections.

He stated that such habit or attitude being exhibited continuously by elected or appointed public officials toward their direct employer is a must be the ground for rejection or being elected or reelected during next year’s general elections.

Gongloe made these comments on Saturday, 29 January, when served as guest lecturer during a fundraising programme for the renovation of the Jenneh Town only Public (Primary) School in Dewein District, Electoral District #3, Bomi County.

He said elected or appointed public officials’ failure to attend or honor invitations from their direct employer (the people or voters) or constituent (ies) demonstrate that these officials are “criminals” therefore, they must be rejected because they only care for the voters doing electioneering.

Gongloe’s brutal comments came from the background as those dozens of public officials either elected or appointed of Bomi County invited to the rally or fund raising programme to renovate the only public school in Jenneh Town snuffed the programme.

It was intended to raise US$26, 000 to renovate the school whose roof was blown off by a heavy storm last November and has not been in use. To the disbelief of the town residents or people those who they invited decided to stay away for reasons best to them themselves.

Amongst them were the Dewein District’s Commissioner, Ballah Bue; County Education Officer Samuel Coeing; Dewein District Education Officer Miatta Fofana; Superintendent Adama Robinson; Senators Morris Saytumah and Edwin Snowe; Representative Haja Fata Siryon and Finda Alice Lansannah.

Others were Richard Devein, Soko Adama Dorley,  J. Jake Brown,  Clarence Sotee, David Momolu Wiles,  Amelia Sirleaf, Zoe Addy, J. Bryant McGill, Patricia Annie Aroniyo, Gorden Karpeh, Gbessi Kemah though did not attend but pledged 50 bags of cement toward the project through a proxy; Miatta Fofana, Philip Malik, Marthaline Pajibo,  Eugene Korboi, Richard Hilton, Boimah Gaye,  Edwin Tuma Johnson, Sam Siryon, Tairgaye Kpaan Kerkulah all of Bomi County.

Also, invited but snuffed the programme were Monrovia’s Lord Mayor Jefferson Koijee; Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Commissioner General of the Liberia Maritime Authority; General Service Agency’s Director, Mary Broh and Deputy Speaker Jonathan Fonati Koffa and many more.

Besides Kemah the rest did not send any official excuse as nearly all of them snuffed the ceremony but it was rumored that some of them were in Klay District attending the distribution of motorbikes and vehicles given to county local officials by President George Weah last week.

But advancing further, Tiawan said those elected public officials, be it senator or representative who always failed to honor their people’s invitation must be rejected because those officers do not care for them but do so when they are in need of them.

“These public officials are criminals who are stealing from their direct employer. Whenever they are invited by the people for community development initiative instead of attending they snub their own people but only know their importance during electioneering,” he noted.

Gongloe believes that being these public officials be it elected or appointed hands are in the cookie jar of the state treasury, and cannot account for the country’s natural resources they are afraid to honor or attend programmes they have been invited to.

“These people’s hands are not clean. They are corrupt people who do not mean well for this country. Their stealing attitudes are carrying the state backward by making many people to become poorer which does not augur well for the country,” he noted.

Gongloe said besides stealing from those who elected them they are also stealing from themselves by failing to account for state resources like the US$30,000 they received as legislative engagement last year and fees that are matters.

He is a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming general poll scheduled for next year’s October 10 provided he wins the nomination of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP) which is expected to gather other heavy weights like Henry Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr. and George Gonpu doing its convention.

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