EMBASSY TREE Elects Dave Earley as Custodian

MONROVIA – A young Liberian, Mr. Dave Earley has been elected ‘Custodian’ of the EMBASSY TREE, a local organization located on GSA Road in Paynesville with the responsibility to steer the  affairs of the organization for one month.

In his acceptance statement, Mr. Earley  thanked his colleagues for the confidence and promised to work for the promotion of the objectives of the organization as well as the welfare of its members. He is expected to appoint members of his leadership to properly plan for a successful sitting for the month of February, 2022.

In keeping with the objective of the institution, the young man intends to identify with the less fortunate which include orphanages and old folks homes in and around Liberia.

“I am glad for the election as first amongst equals especially knowing that most of my colleagues in this group are professional colleagues. I will work to ensure that my leadership is up to the task to meet the aspirations of the Embassy Tree”, Mr. Earley said.

Founded on April 17, 2020, on the GSA Road, Paynesville, Liberia; the EMBASSY TREE is an organization of a conglomeration of young men from diverse professional backgrounds. These professionals took solace in meeting at a local café during the lockdown era of COVID -19 in Liberia.

The EMBASSY TREE meets in official sittings on a monthly basis. It is headed by a Custodian who is elected every month to steer the affairs of the organization. The Custodian is vested with the power to appoint his code of Officers.

The Embassy Tree has been involved with community services which includes humanitarian and professional.  The group has a humanitarian assistance program for orphanages in and out of paynesville. It has organized Christmas parties and events for kids during holidays and festive seasons for kids in communities. It has also contributed building materials to the Zone Five police Station in Paynesville.

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