Joint Inspection Begins Today MOL, LRA & LIS to Tighten Grip of Irregularities

By: Rancy S. Teewia
The Ministry of Labor (MOL), Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) commence a month-long nationwide general inspection on today, Friday May 17, 2019.
Labor Minister Moses Y. Kollie who disclosed this said the joint inspection is inclusive of MOL, LRA, LIS and the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation NASSCORP. The planned inspections involved public and private workforce, which includes the inspection of internal payroll of employees, employment policy, attendant records and contract certificate.
Min. Kollie emphasized that every contracted company should hold a contract certificate from the Ministry of Labor to qualify it to carry out any operation under the laws of the Republic of Liberia.
The Labor Minister asserted that the joint inspection is necessary because it will alleviate the repeat of functions by the concerned government authorities to go over inspections that have been conducted at the sites of different companies and institutions; indicating that the exercise is intended to regulate the corruption both at public and private sectors in our country.
According to Min. Kollie, they succeeded in similar inspections last year and have to be carried out on a quarterly basis. “Inspectors from the Ministry of Labor will be on the field along with their colleagues from the LRA, LIS and NASSCORP and they will be checking for the following documents, including work permit, labor statistics among others.
Min. Kollie said in February this year, a joint statement was issued by the Ministry of Labor, Liberia Immigration Service, Liberia Revenue Authority and NASSCORP which informed the Liberian people about a joint inspection that by March of this year; but due to improper planning it was not successful.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner General of the Liberia Revenue Authority, Mrs. Decontee King-Sackie, said the exercise is to ensure that those within the jurisdiction of Liberia are in the confines of the law and not to over burden them with compliance requirements. “Liberia Revenue Authority is part of the team because our mandate is to generate revenue for Liberia, which requires that we give account of the amount that has been collected”.
She also said that there is compliance with labor requirement and immigration beneficiary required to pay some fees and the LRA is responsible to ensure that all payments are made and paid through the proper channel.
At the same time, the communication officer for the Liberia Immigration Service, Mr. Abraham Dorley, said the LIS is a service provider and a revenue generating institution. The LIS has the mandate to monitor the borders of Liberia and the issuance of resident permit status in keeping with the Tripartite Enforcement.
Mr. Dorley however said beginning today, Friday May 17, 2019, LIS officers are under mandate to search for specific documents such as resident permit; a document that allows someone to reside in the country without permission to work.
He stated that they will also look at the adjustment of status in the semiannual report. ‘The semiannual’ is a documentation that calculates the amount of people working within the business centers. This also applies to whether one is a Liberian and the salary s/he is earning, the LIS official lamented.

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