Gov’t Donates Cash, Other Items To Sea Erosion Victims, Others – National Disaster Management Agency Discloses

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

The Government of Liberia has responded to the cries of the victims of recent sea erosion in the Borough of New Kru Town, presents to the US$180 along with several assorted items including rice, oil, mattresses and mosquito nets. Our reporter says the amount was given to the erosion victim through their mobile money accounts to cater for their rent and also to help restore the businesses of those of them selling or engaged in commercial activities.

Speaking at the launch the intervention process to give relief to natural disaster victims in New Kru Town, the National Disaster Management Agency’s Director-General, Henry O. Williams, disclosed that data collected from communities have shown that more than 200 households were affected by sea erosion; and that each of the households was given a 25kg bag of rice, gallon of oil, a mattress and a mosquito net.

The Director-General Williams said the initiative is aimed at creating a better space for the victims to survive their distress occasioned by the devastating erosion.

President George M. Weah, following series sea erosion, flood, fire and landslide reports across the nation, has made available several relief items through the National Disaster Management Agency for communities affected by the natural disasters.

The relief items, which include mattresses, construction materials, food and cash, are intended to facilitate relocation and provide some comfort during these difficult times of the affected people.

The exercise, which started yesterday, will cover affected residents in 47 communities, including the New Kru Town and 18th Street Community (Beach Side); and it is targeting 6,750 households, totaling approximately 38,750 affected persons, Mr. Williams disclosed.

The 18th Street Community (Beach Side) was also hit when a wall collapsed on homes, killing five (5) persons and injuring many others. As a special way of consoling families of the deceased, a cash award of $5,000USD will be presented to each family, according to Mr. Williams.

This gesture is the first bold initiative by the National Disaster Management Agency aimed at easing some of the urgent burdens of the affected people, while it is expected that more concrete interventions will be made subsequently, Mr. William said, adding that the President empathized with the affected communities and families, and wishes them well as they go through this catastrophic experience.

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