Gongloe Extols Senate For Scrapping Us30k

Presidential contender, Counsellor Tiawan Saye Gongloe, has thanked the Liberian Senate for voting to scrap the controversial US$30,000 slush fund that has been allocated for each lawmaker in every successful national budget for some time, which has also generated a lot of backlash against members of the national legislature.

According to a press release issued by the Press and Public Affairs Secretariat of Team Gongloe, the political structure rooting for his presidential aspiration, Cllr. Gongloe said the decision by the Senate is a step in the right direction which is hopefully geared towards stopping the wastage of the country’s very limited resources to satisfy the whims of a few people.

The former President of the Liberian National Bar Association noted that while the decision is welcoming, it must serve as the first stage in weeding out wasteful allocations in the Liberian budget.

He has therefore called on the Senate and the House of Representatives not to only stop at the US$30,000 legislative slush fund but also extend this laudable effort to all such expenditures that also fall under the budget of the executive branch of government.

The renowned Human Rights advocate has consistently termed the slush fund as a theft of public resources and called on the legislature to put an end to it.

Meanwhile, Team Gongloe, has joined Cllr. Gongloe in commending the Senate for its decision and says that the Senate’s action is consistent with the institution’s Better Liberia Agenda which is the organization’s blueprint for transforming Liberia to a country that works for all its people.

The statement concluded that the long-time human rights and anti-corruption activist called on the Liberian Legislature to channel all savings from the budgetary restructuring to fund education, health, agriculture, and meaningful infrastructure development projects.

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