Fire on the Mountain? -As CDCians Are Poised to Chastise Leaders

The Montserrado County Senatorial and Representative elections is apparently producing a devastating effect in the camp of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)        as partisans have been attempting to reprimand their party leaders.

Reports from the CDC Headquarters have it that angry CDCians slapped CDC’s Deputy Chairman Garbla Williams, and held hostage momentary the party’s Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu, for what insiders said is the dismal performance of the party during the recent Montserrado County Senatorial   and District #15 by-electoral contests.

The reports indicate the Youths of the CDC converged at the Headquarters purposely to discipline their leaders who they believe have not been working in the interest of the party, but have been enriching themselves at the expense of partisans and the people of Liberia.  “The Partisans are angry because they believe Morlu and his deputies have not been working in the party’s interest, thus the poor performance in the just-ended bi-elections”

“They really meant to flog Mulbah K Morlu Jr., but he hid himself in the building and called on rescue Papa Jeff Koijee, who came and calmed the angry mob,” some reports have said.

Party hierarchy hinted that that the mob action is actually sanctioned by government higher-ups who are not at all happy with the ruling party chairman. They feel he has been lying about the CDC’s stronghold being Montserrado, a lie that also led to the party’s defeat in the last District -13 by-elections which saw “Color Green” flogging CDC candidate John Weah.

“As Professor Dopoe says, “power is sweet; but it’s like Kru canoe that’s quick to capsize… you take it from John today, Paul will take from you tomorrow ooo aye yah…”writes Molley Passawe, a Liberian diplomat and journalist on his Facebook ward.

Other accounts said they remove cloths from one of the party stanch supporters, mistaking him to be Information Minister Lenn Eugen Nagbe, who they said have also been lying to President George Manneh Weah.

Solomon George was seen galloping out of the DCD Headquarters for fear that he would be attacked as the CDC youth were all out targeting party leaders, another source said.

Attempts by The ANALYST to obtain a word from the CDC leadership did not materialize.  Recently, however, defeated Senatorial candidate Paulita CC Wie of the Coalition for Democratic Change said there people who are “working in the Government and undermining this Government or the President” saying in a strong worded tone that “God is about to expose and disgrace you if you don’t seek the interest of the people!”

To those “wonderful CDCIANS we hurt one way or the other, I say sorry yah” Candidate Wie said, apparently referring to the failure of the CDC to win the Monsterrado County by election or perhaps referring to CDCians who, as a way of protest, allegedly voted against the party during the by-elections.

The Facebook statement by Madam Wie came ahead of the concession of defeat by the ruling CDC to opposition Senatorial Candidate Abraham Darius who took the lead of his main challenger by  53, 270 votes representing 53.88%, against Wie of the CDC who 36,531 votes representing 36.95%.

At Present, opposition candidate for District #15 Telia Urey is likewise leading Abu Kamara, against the popular campaign statement that the CDC owns Montserrado County.

The emerging development in the ruling is described as “Fire on the Mountain” and has signal to the opposition parties that their collaborative decision to hold together has been yielding fruits.


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