Pres. Weah Condemns Saah Joseph -For “improperly arrogated unto himself the power to “grant”

It has come to the attention of the Executive Mansion that an official of government improperly arrogated unto himself the power to “grant” someone the authority to serve as Managing Director of the Liberia Medicine & Health Product Regulatory Authority (LMHRA).

In a widely circulated letter dated July 19, 2019, Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph wrote and sought to effect an appointment and a dismissal at the LMHRA.

This unlawful act runs contrary to Article 56A of the constitution of Liberia which grants exclusive authority to the President to appoint all such officials.

According to a press release issued this afternoon by the Executive Mansion, President George Weah disapproves this attempted usurpation of his function and reiterates his call to all officials of the government to carry out their duties in accordance with law and to work diligently to improve the lives of the Liberian people.

The President warns of corrective measures should such flagrant attempt to exercise his constitutional responsibility occur again.

Meanwhile, President Weah has directed that all actions of appointment and dismissal carried out at LHMRA as a result of Senator Joseph’s communications are null. He has also directed the Minister of Finance to effect a freeze on all accounts of the entity pending a review of its financial records.

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