Dr. Cassell Vows to Deliver Liberia -Commits Nearly L$4M for Women, Youth and Disabled, After Receiving Elders’ Blessings in Lofa

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has vowed to deliver Liberia and its citizens from hardship and other vices which have subjected them to abject poverty and denial of the basic social services needed to live a better life as compare to citizens residing in other countries across the African continent.

Dr. Cassell observed that for too long, Liberians, particularly citizens of Lofa County, have been denied their fair share of the country’s wealth and resources.

He made these comments when a cross section of citizens in Voinjama, Zorzor, Kolahun and Quardu Gbonii districts, amongst others pledged their full support to his presidential ambition.

Dr. Cassell and his entourage had gone to Lofa to seek the blessings of the citizens, particularly the chiefs and elders in commencement of his tour across Liberia.

He claimed that he has been sent by God to help address the mountainous challenges confronting Liberia and its citizens.

He challenged citizens to continue to pray for God’s direction ahead of the elections in 2023. “We are familiar with your plights and the national government has abandoned our county for reasons best known to themselves. They have made us look like we don’t exist anymore. God has heard your cries and prayers and he has sent a “Moses” out of Lofa County to deliver not only Lofa County but the entire Liberia”, he said.

“You all are my assignment because I am a messenger of the Most High God and I follow instructions. What you see me doing is my biblical responsibilities and the things that I asked me to do is what I am doing and will do”.

Dr. Cassell added that he has been mandated by God to take care and provide assistance to needy Liberians, including old folks, widows, disabled, visually impaired, and provide scholarship and other opportunities to deserving young Liberian students, amongst others.

“I was eight years old when my father passed away. The same thing you are going through today, I went through that same thing or hardship and so, God is using me now to be a help to my people”.

He maintained that he will not sit supinely and allow Liberians to continue to be suffering in their own country without doing anything.

“Because I have come to wipe your tears, the people hate me. They don’t like your son from Lofa. They are giving me a hard time. This particular government does not like Lofa”.

Dr. Cassell used the occasion to urge citizens of Lofa not to be carried away by cosmetic initiatives being undertaken in the county by the government. He pointed out that minimum initiatives being executed by the government in the northern region are only intended to win the minds of the citizens ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections. He observed that for nearly five years, Lofa has been neglected by the Weah led-administration.

“Your open your eyes and you people should not allow yourselves to continue to be used for small money or for a bag of rice”.

Dr. Cassell added that the CDC led-government is bent on using “cash violence” to ensure a second term, but citizens should resist the temptation of selling their future for little.

He added that Liberians, particularly less fortunate citizens and those residing in the leeward areas; deserve to eat jollof rice and chicken as compared to government officials, but they are normally accepting dried rice in return for their votes.

He stated that instead of equitably benefitting from their share of the country’s resources, citizens are given crumbs or material things to determine their future. Dr. Cassell maintained that Liberians should avoid conniving with those he called “crooky politicians” to cast additional hardship on the already impoverished masses.

“Because God wants to save our country this coming election, anybody that tampers with the will of God, woe unto them because God is vex and his rift is about to descend on them. It is time that God delivers the Liberian people and our country from the hands of the forces of darkness. For so long they have held our country captive. But light is about to replace darkness”.

He noted that no forces of darkness will stand in the way of God to continue to deny them the needed opportunities as compare to citizens of other countries

“Our mothers and fathers have suffered for so long; they need to enjoy themselves before they die or call them home tomorrow. Our children need to get a better future to serve their country. If it can’t happen in your own country, where will it happen?”

Meanwhile, thousands of citizens in Lofa County have pledged their unflinching support and commitment towards the actualization of the presidential ambition of the Standard Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) Dr. Daniel E. Cassell.

The citizens, who include Town Chiefs, traditional leaders, elders, marketers, youths among others made the pledge during a visit of Dr. Cassell and other executives and members of the PLP to the county over the weekend.

In separate remarks, the citizens recounted the numerous contributions being made by the PLP Standard Bearer towards the improvement of the living conditions of Liberians and the betterment of the society.

“As for us, we have seen your good works and we want to assure you that we will not let you down. We have been making other people President and what about our own son? We know very well that you started doing things for our people a long time ago before even thinking about being President, and so, we stand by you in readiness to make you our President”, Town Chief Varmah Kanneh stated.

He observed that since the inception of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government, chiefs and elders of Lofa have not benefited from their fair share of the country’s wealth and resources.

He added that they are being punished by the CDC because of the decision taken to overwhelmingly vote for Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai during the 2017 general and presidential elections.

“Chiefs and elders here are suffering because of the decisions we made in the past. We are not feeling the impact of any development in our county even though the resources belong to all of us; our children are not in school and our women cannot make markets. We are traditional people and when we say we are for you, we are for you”.

Another Town Chief identified as Siafa Manobah indicated that the respect shown to elders and traditional leaders by Dr. Cassell and his officials is welcoming. According to him, Dr. Cassell remains one of the first Liberian politicians to ask for their blessings ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections.

“For you to travel on this bad road from all the way to Monrovia to come and ask for our blessings, we want to assure you that we will not let you down”, he stated.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Klubo Taywu called on Dr. Cassell to continue to provide empowerment opportunities to Liberian women across the country. She noted that for too long Liberian women, particularly those who are illiterate, have been downplayed and seen as nobody in their own country. She observed that women are only recognized and supported during the electioneering period, even though they continue to contribute to the growth and development of Liberia in other areas.

Madam Taywu vowed to rally women in Lofa in order to attain the presidential ambition of the PLP Standard Bearer.

“You have shown to us that you can do more when you get there. We the traditional women are ready to take you to the highest seat”. She stated.

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