Dillon Rides CPP Endorsement Tidal Wave -Officially Enters Battle for Montserrado’s Soul

Ahead of the December 8, 2020 midterm Senatorial elections in Liberia, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has endorsed and announced the candidature of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County.

Held at the headquarters of the Liberty Party on Saturday, August 29,2020, several dignitaries were in attendance including former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, Lofa County Senator and LP Chairman Stephen Zargo, ANC chairman Senator Daniel Naatehn, ALP Chairman Theodore Momo, Charlyn Brumskine, Musa Bility, Jeror Cole Bangalu, Dr. Augustine Konneh, CPP Solidarity Brigade Chairman Byron Byron, partisans of CPP, sympathizers and well-wishers among others.

Welcoming the multitude of Liberty Party and CPP partisans at the endorsement ceremony of Senator Dillon, LP Chairman Steve Zargo said the endorsement of Senator Dillon is in line with opposition partisans’ request for the four constituent opposition parties to put aside their differences and come under one umbrella.

“Many persons among us want to be senator for Montserrado County, but we looked among ourselves and said it’s only one person we want. So today we have come together – UP, ALP, ANC and LP, to endorse that one person for the Montserrado County senate, and that person is Abraham Darius Dillon,” Senator Zargo said to a tumultuous cheer from the multitude which continued shouting “ADD!! ADD!!!” for several minutes.

Presenting the endorsed candidate to the public, former Vice President Joseph Boakai stressed the importance of the occasion.

“I served as president of the Liberian Senate, and I know what it means to be a senator. Darius Dillon worked with the office of the Senate; he is experienced and knows what it takes to be a senator. Senators play a double role in the legislature. Apart from making laws along with the Representatives, they also do employment. By that I mean, when someone is to be appointed, they do the confirmation. They are supposed to investigate that person to find out if it is the character that we need to serve our country. If they are not people of integrity, the interest of our country will be compromised. It is why we say that, the way forward for this country is not friendship. It’s about someone who will represent you. We need people of integrity. We need people who respect women. We need who respect the future of our children. We need people who be in the future of all of you standing here. It’s not how many houses they build. It’s not how much money they have. We don’t care about that. We care about you, your future. Can you imagine, a country so well endowed, and they tell you this is the poorest country in the world? This has to change. To change it, we have to put our country first. Dillon has come a long way. He was just serving in the interim, and he was able to convince people that he can do better. We are endorsing him today, but from here we are going into the communities to tell our people, if they want good laws in this country, if they want this country respected, they have Dillon. If they give you money, share it. Eat their money,” Ambassador Boakai told the multitude, as the people broke into thunderous cheers.

Senator Dillon for his part reminded his audience about the sincerity of his fight to better their lives.

“US$5000 will be plenty for any lawmaker if we upgrade JFK, Redemption hospitals and other public health facilities across the country and standardize Tubman High School, Voinjama Multilateral as well as other government owned institutions across the country. Make them free, our US$5000 will be plenty because we will not have to pay people’s school fees or hospital bills,” Senator Dillon stated.

The Montserrado County lawmaker who is seeking reelection said the people believed in their ability to bring about genuine change and so they overwhelmingly elected him in 2019.

“You are partisans of the four Collaborating Political Parties. You are the people and reason we are here and we give God the glory for you. Last year when we were campaigning some people were doubting, some people were critical, some people called us jokers, some people said were going nowhere. One year after that, most of the same people are saying today if we have five of Darius Dillon the Country will change. The five Darius Dillons are right here in the CPP; but unless you believe that you can be the change that you want for this Country, change will always elude us,” Senator Dillon said.

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