“Diabolical Lie” -Unity Party Says Govt Didn’t Contact JNB Family -UP Stalwarts Say Weah Wants to Score Political Goals

MONROVIA – In the wake of the Government of Liberia through its Minister of Information Ledgerhood J. Rennie issuance of a press release on January 13, 2023 to the effect that the Weah-led government is reportedly concerned about former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s ill health, and has initiated contacts with family members of the Unity Party Standard Bearer, offering to help in whatever way the family deems necessary, the Unity Party has termed the Government’s statement as mere propaganda and a diabolical lie.

Former Vice President had reportedly checked himself in a local hospital on Sunday, January 8, 2023, for precautionary health reasons when he felt a bit under the weather, a Unity Party statement said last week, when news started filtering in that VP Boakai was hospitalized and in a critical condition.

But reacting to the Information Ministry press release on former Vice President Boakai’s health condition, the Unity Party has termed as a diabolical lie the statement from the Government of Liberia that it has initiated contacts with family members of the former Vice President and offered to help in whatever way the family deems necessary.

According to Unity Party Secretary General Amos Tweh, it can be recalled that on the January 12, 2023, Keff Hassan of the Spoon FM talk show reported that President George Weah called the former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party Joseph Nyuma Boakai and offered to fly him out of the country.

“The Unity Party and family members of Amb. Boakai have refuted the criminally contrived propaganda as the public severely descended on such childish, irresponsible and desperate attempts by the Presidency to play politics with a momentarily unwell condition of a statesman.

“The Unity Party considers the government’s release as yet another callous attempt to save face and create the false impression that Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s health condition is very serious and he is unable to pay his medical bills.

“The Unity Party hereby informs the public that the failed and visibly out-of-favor government of George Weah has made no official contact with any member of the JNB family, nor has any family member requested the government for assistance.

“Unity Party assures the public that the man poised to rescue Liberia at the hand of the failed CDC government is in a positive state of health and mentally alert to hit the ground running when elected as President of the republic of Liberia at the October 10′ 2023 polls. The Unity Party warns the government and its surrogates to desist from the desperate and heartless effort to use the health condition of a statesman to redeem their lost image.

“No doubt, the CDC government has failed to deliver on its promises; the man on a mission to transform Liberia, Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai, is developing ideas and necessary strategies for the upliftment of Liberians from the shackles of poverty.

“Unity Party calls on its partisans, supporters and Liberians everywhere to remain upbeat and unperturbed as the mission to elect JNB continues unabated,” the Unity Party press release stated unequivocally.

Meanwhile, a diehard stalwart and an auxiliary of the opposition Unity Party have come down even harder on the Weah-led government, registering their dissatisfaction over how President Weah wants to score political points over the health condition of a reputable statesman.

 Mo Ali is the former National Secretary General of the Unity Party whose Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai is contesting the Liberian presidency from incumbent Weah.

According to Mr. Ali, Ledgerhood Rennie and the entire Ministry of Information are so less busy to the extent that they’ve elected to write a press release about how former Vice President Boakai is sick and the government wants to offer help.

“JNB is very ok and doesn’t need your help. Ledgerhood, how come you have not uttered a word about the one container full of assault rifles that has been uncovered? Why haven’t you spoken about the bribes that were given to some journalists in order to keep their mouths shut and pens silent about those weapons?

“Ledgerhood, how come your Ministry has not said a word about the transport of iron ore by trucks on our already dilapidated roads by some funny Western Cluster company?

“Ledgerhood why hasn’t this your less busy Ministry issued a single statement about all of the many dead bodies of murdered people around the country? Let me catch my Standard Bearer name in any funny release from you or any government entity again!” Mo Ali warned.

In a related fashion, the JNB 2023 Tact Team auxiliary says it is disappointed in the Government’s recent press release signed by Information Minister Ledgerhood J. Rennie regarding a deceptive offer to “help” former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

“This release is a failed and totally unacceptable propaganda stint that seeks to politicize the health situation of a statesman. Sadly, instead of the Government focusing on bettering the lives of the people that elected them, it is more focused on the upcoming elections and propaganda.

“We condemn in the strongest terms, the politicizing of the health condition of former Vice President Boakai, as is deceptively being done by the George Weah-led government. We caution the Government to focus on fixing the healthcare system which has been crippled under the watch of President Weah, instead of releasing politically charged statements that are completely erroneous and misleading.

“Should the Government want to help citizens with health conditions, we admonish them to concentrate on helping the driver and security guard who were involved in an accordant with Minister Samuel Tweah and were left in Liberia to languish at a hospital without access to good healthcare, while Finance Minister Tweah and his wife were taken out of the country to a Turkish hospital for advanced medical treatment.

“The Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, former Vice President Boakai will not be tricked into any form of propaganda war with this unserious government that lacks priorities and focus. This is another clear sign that our government is being reduced to a circus, as opposed to carrying out serious government duties that are essential to the well-being of Liberians, whose lives the government has disappointingly jeopardized through rampant corruption, misrule, and irresponsible and poor leadership.

“The Tact Team would like to thank all our supporters for their genuine concern, prayers, and thoughts,” stated by release signed by the JNB Tact Team National Chairperson, Ms. Telia Urey.

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