Cummings Support Swells -As Citizens Vow to Reject 2nd Term For Weah

MONROVIA – Hundreds of citizens in District # 6, Montserrado County have vowed to do the extraordinary to prevent the re-election of President George Weah, warning that to grant him a second term will be a great disaster for Liberia.

At a major community engagement, jointly organized by the Deputy Secretary General of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Martin Kollah, for its Standard Bearer, Mr. Cummings, Community and Zonal Leaders, Elders, and youth groups denounced the leadership of President Weah for the deplorable state of affairs and the massive suffering and poverty.

The community engagement, which brought together CPP supporters, community and Zonal heads and partisans of the Unity Party (UP), All Liberian Party (ALP) and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), were said to be a cross section representation of an estimated 40,000 eligible voters in District six, determined to work against President Weah’s second term bid, according to Mr. Kollah.

The CPP Deputy Secretary is a major contender for Montserrado County District #6 Representative in the National Legislature in the 2023 General elections.

Mr. Kollah said the massive turnout at the Community engagement on Thursday, September 22, of former Zoner heads of the Unity Party, All Liberian Party and the CDC was indicative of their commitment and support of loyalty to the Presidential bid of Mr. Cummings in 2023.

In separate statements, the Zoner heads and community Leaders said they have abandoned their respective parties to join in the quest for a competent and qualified leader committed to genuine real change that will better the lives of the Liberian people.

In response, the CPP Standard Bearer, Mr. Cummings expressed gratitude for the warm reception and the pledge of support by citizens of Montserrado County District six, for his election as the next President of Liberia in 2023.

Mr. Cummings reaffirmed his sincere commitment to pursuing national policies that will accelerate economic activities, prevent waste and abuse of public resources, and ensure the provision of basic essential social services to alleviate the suffering and poverty.

He said the tasks and responsibilities of the Presidency far exceeds the capacity of President Weah, who he said spent most of his useful hours playing football and making music.

Cummings pleaded with Liberians to grant him the single opportunity of electing him as the next President and vowed with high work, honesty and sacrifice on the part of all Liberians, the nation will rise again and be prosperous.  

In another development, over 500 women under the banner of the Successful Women Organization of Liberia (SWOL), in Grebo Town,  Montserrado County on Thursday, September 22, also endorsed and pledged support to the Presidential bid of the CPP Standard Bearer, Mr. Cummings in 2023.

The group, predominantly market women and traders, spoke of the enduring harsh economic conditions, which they said would require more competent and qualified leadership to redeem the country and bring relief to the suffering masses.

Special statement of supports on behalf of the women group were made, by Ms. Agnes Kaba, Madam Florence Wesseh, Vice President and the Market Superintendent, Ms. Janjay Dennis, who later gowned the CPP Standard Bearer as the best alternative for President in 2023. 

In remarks, Mr. Cummings commanded the leadership and members of the Successful Women Organization of Liberia for the warm welcome and show of support for his Presidential bid in 2023.

The CPP Standard Bearer said women in  Liberia are the  foundation and backbone of the country, deserving better life and access to opportunities that will help them achieve  their maximum potential in life.

Mr. Cummings said women in Liberia have proven over the years to be trusted and reliable partners in the national development agenda and pledged that a CPP government will ensure that women’s rights are protected and guarantee equal opportunities.

Mr. Cummings spoke of a CPP government commitment to stop corruption, ensure better health care delivery service, quality education, reliable electricity supply, good road network and a society in which every Liberian will achieve their maximum potentials in keeping with individual capacity.

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