Cummings’ Security Detail Harassed -ANC Accuses Govt.; But Police Deny Allegation

The Secretary General of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Aloysius Toe   says the Government of Liberia through the Liberia National Police Director for operations otherwise known as 102 has been harassing the party’s political leader, Mr. Alexander Cummings’ security detail that have been monitoring his activities at his time of quarantine at the Palm Spring Hotel in Congo Town.

Mr. Toe said despite following all the protocols as prescribed by the NPHIL staff and being in full compliance with no risk to them or their families, the police insisted that Mr. Cummings’ security detail should completely get off the premises Monday night, which the security detail of Mr. Cummings refused on grounds that they could not leave Mr. Cummings without security.

The secretary general of the party noted that the harassment continued yesterday, saying that the deputy police director has therefore quarantined two of Cummings’ security detail at the same center.

Mr. Toe named the two as James Jallah and Armah Johnson, sand said that Mr. Cummings life is at risk as it is now completely in “the hands of reckless and irresponsible government security which sees him as the government’s main rival”.

“They can do anything to eliminate a formidable competitor; and we cannot let that happen. We need to bring this to the attention of the public to ensure that the government commits to providing measure for security to monitor activities at the center and protect Mr. Cummings,” Mr. Toe opined.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter who was contacted by this paper via mobile phone confirmed the quarantining of Mr. Cummings’ security detail but said the police know about one who made contact with Mr. Cummings without the knowledge of the police.

Mr. carter dispelled that the Cummings security personnel quarantined are two in number.  He pointed out that no security personnel are need besides state security personnel at the quarantined centers during this period of combating the Coronavirus.

It is the responsibility of state security to man the quarantine center, and the government is u8p to the task of doing that, Mr. Carter said, adding – “Once you as a follower of any of those in quarantine make contact with any of them, you too will be quarantined.”

Mr. Carter advised all Liberian to have confidence in the state security, especially the Liberian National Police, stressing that they will always provide for the safety of all irrespective of tribe, political affiliation or economic status.

But the ANC’s National Secretary General said there are no state security personnel at the center except for the deputy police boss who visited the area.

He believes that Alexander B. Cummings is a political threat to this government, which the ANC official said makes the case a different case. “Moreover, his securities made no contact with him as claimed by the police, saying that Cummings has not left his room. “The ANC security have only been monitoring activities at the center and following the health workers protocol,” Mr. Toe said.

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