We Applaud Gov’t on COVID-19 Nat’l Health Emergency MoveBut

THE GOVERNMENT OF Liberia through the Ministry of Health on Saturday, March 21, 2020 came up with a 16-count National Health Emergency Declaration meant to cordon Montserrado and Margibi Counties (our two COVID-19 most affected areas) from the rest of Liberia’s remaining 14 counties.

AMONG THE COUNTS, the Ministry of Health clearly stated that for the next 21 days, all schools (public and private) in the affected areas (Montserrado and Margibi Counties) are closed. Such closure as well affects bars, night clubs, street selling, casinos, betting centers, cinemas, video clubs, barber shops, beauty salons and entertainment centers. Government’s 21-Days National Health Emergency Declaration also ordered the closure of churches, mosques, religious centers and other places of worships; as well as the suspension of non-chartered commercial flights and other flights that have no bearing with cargo and special air transport.

THE COVID-19 NATIONAL Health Emergency Declaration also specifically discouraged travels from Montserrado and Margibi Counties that are officially listed as affected areas.

GOVERNMENT’S COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS also affects banks, restaurants, cook shops, restaurants, supermarkets and public transport, with specific instructions regarding the number of persons allowed to converge at the above named public locations at a specific time.

DURING THESE TRYING times of the global COVID-19 pandemic which seems to confuse even countries that have over time built health resilience against such viruses, it is very encouraging that our own government has now taken the bull by the horn, to institute a national health emergency declaration meant to nip the virus in the bud. Indeed, we are grateful.

EBOLA WAS HERE 2014-2016. We didn’t know zilch about Ebola. People were fed a lot of disinformation. But in the end, Liberia won Ebola when we separated the lies from the truths. Of course, we can beat the Corona Virus in similar fashion.

AND SO, IT is in this light that we at The Analyst are appealing to our government and our citizens in those affected areas first, and the entire country, to leave no stones unturned in stopping COVID-19 in its deadly track.

HERE IS THE real deal. Corona Virus is no machination of science fiction. It is very real. The West and Asia did not invent Corona Virus to reduce global population or decimate opposition voices, even though that’s the propaganda out there.

DESPITE THESE ODDS, the West and Asia are fighting the COVID-19 virus with practical solutions. Solutions such as the one instituted by our own Health Ministry.

HOWEVER, DESPITE THIS major step, we are calling on government to institute stringent measures at our airports where COVID-19 cases are tied to our ports of entry, basically the Roberts International Airport (RIA). The third case, which is now reported to be full-blown, means we have to step up screening, detection and quarantine at our ports of entry. No one, rich or poor, should escape the screening net.

MOREOVER, THIS IS no time for shifting unnecessary blames. Liberian is in crisis mode. Our government has now quarantined Montserrado and Margibi Counties. What are the stimulus packages that this government has put in palace to cushion such quarantine? Water and light are basic rights. Handouts are optional. Where do we stand?

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