Cummings Discounts Running Mate Talks -Says He’s not In Competition For 2nd Place; Storm District #16

MONROVIA – With speculations running rife about Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings being in talks with former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to run as Vice President to Mr. Boakai, the Alternative National Congress Political Leader says he is in no competition to come second but to strive to win a race. Mr. Cummings made the reaffirmation of his presidential quest when he stormed the Borough of New Kru Town during the week, where he carried the message of good leadership entailing real change that matters a lot in all considerations.

Responding to a series of questions when he held an interactive session with citizens and residents at the Borough Intellectual Center, Cummings likened the 2023 Presidential 023 to the annual National County Sports Meet where every county presents teams in various competitions to win in contests that also feature a lot of other competitors participating in the exercise, with no team willing to settle for second place.

“So let us see it this way, during the county meet which is played in December, every county comes in to win and not to fight for second place because if you do that you will lose. They have not even centered the ball to play and you are looking at coming second. You will lose.

“If you want to change Liberia, then the whole idea of plan B should not be an option. My entire life, I have always looked at coming first and not settling down for the second”, Cumming said.

The CPP leader said, as it relates to the various candidates who have presented themselves to the Liberian people for their votes, only Mr. Boakai, President Weah and him are the forerunners, but the choice remains with the Liberian people to decide among them who is best suited to lead the country to prosperity.

“Come October, there will be three candidates though there will be others but there will be Cummings, Joseph Boakai and President Weah and there will be a big choice to make to decide and we all will live with the benefit of the consequences of the decision.

“All I can do is to make my case and you, the Liberian people, can make the decision. Liberia cannot be changed by talking, or by praying for it, but by working towards change and doing things differently”, Cummings said.

Mr. Cummings, accompanied by his wife, Teresa, and CPP stalwarts, visited hundreds of beach and waterway workers at the New Kru Town Lagoon Beach, where he interacted with cross-section of teachers of the New Kru Town Teachers Association, and held three separate meetings with joint assemblies of students from 14 high schools across Montserrado County’s District #16.

At the Lagoon Beach, hundreds of workers accorded Mr. Cummings warm welcome and entertained him and entourage with cultural dances, indicative of their appreciation for his visit. Mr. Cummings sought to obtain firsthand information about the deplorable and harsh living conditions of the people of New Kru Town.

The beach and waterway extend from the former Hotel Africa belt to New Kru Town, Sinkor and through Congo Town, with thousands of youth dependent upon it for their livelihood. 

While claiming a backlog of compensation owed them by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government, they beach and waterway sanitation workers acknowledged with gratitude the assistance by Mr. Cummings and his acceptance of their invitation as the first Presidential candidate to visit them.

Mr. Cummings also had an encounter with a cross-section of teachers of the New Kru Teachers Association, with an estimated membership of 2,400, from 43 schools in the District.

The teachers lamented the deteriorating school conditions including the lack of libraries and laboratories, and inadequate salaries and incentives, making life difficult for teachers and school workers.

They spoke of the lack of government subsidies, especially for private and faith-based schools, to improve the learning environment and ease the huge financial burdens on parents and guardians.

Cummings held four other separate discussions with joint assemblies of students at the Trinity United Methodist School in New Kru Town; the St. Mary Catholic School in Duala, Bushrod Island; the Assembly of God High school; and the Wesleyan Academy, both on Caldwell Road.

Schools in attendance included the Juah School, the Greater Vision School System, the Diana E. Davies School, the New Era International School, and the Assembly of God High School in New Kru Town, amongst others.

Student representatives of the various schools spoke of the many challenges, including lack of libraries and laboratories in schools, and the increasing high cost of tuition and other fees, occasioned by the lack of government support to schools.

New Kru Town, predominantly populated with the Kru tribe, followed by the Grebo, Bassa and other ethnic groups, was founded in 1916 by Kru Fishermen, with John Naklen as its first Governor. It is one of the most densely populated communities and considered a stronghold of the CDC in District #16, Montserrado County.

In separate remarks, Mr. Cummings expressed gratitude for the high turnout and warm reception accorded him and his delegation, especially in the Borough of New Kru Town.

The CPP Standard Bearer, while stressing the imperative need for adequate government funding to education, with emphasis on teachers training, better salaries, and well-equipped schools to better prepare young people considered the future of Liberia, said good leadership matters.

Cummings said good leadership matters, and that it is critical in accelerating economic development that will ensure better living conditions and a prosperous nation.

The CPP Standard Bearer said by every measure, Liberia is bad off in terms of high unemployment, high cost of living, lack of essential social services and infrastructures, and rampant corruption.

Cummings said Liberia, considered one of the oldest nations in the world, at 175, is among the least developed countries due to the country’s persistent poor quality of leadership especially in the last five years under President George Weah’s leadership.

The CPP Standard Bearer said, with few public officials in the Executive and Legislative branches of the CDC government amassing wealth, the vast majority of Liberians are lingering in abject poverty and deprived of essential social services including reliable electricity, pipe-borne water and better health care delivery service.

Cummings reiterated that a CPP Government will lead by example in all spheres of public service, with zero tolerance for corruption and bad behavior on the part of any public official. 

He assured that irrespective of political/religious affiliations, and ethnicity, all Liberians will have equal rights and access to opportunities and jobs in keeping with the merit system and the law.

Cummings’ visit in New Kru Town, was climaxed with a major encounter at the Borough Intellectual and Development Forum with questions and answers on the CPP agenda for real change, opposition unity, and his individual contribution to nation building and wellbeing of citizens.

Cummings said his individual and family contributions towards the wellbeing of Liberians and the nation, surpasses even President Weah, who is spending taxpayers’ money seemingly as his personal funds to appease Liberians.

The CPP Standard Bearer called on Liberians to evaluate their personal lifestyle and wellbeing, whether they are better off than five years ago, and decide if President Weah deserves a second term of another bad and corrupt leadership.

Cummings rallied Liberians to act decisively, and change Liberia, come October 10, by making Mr. Weah a one term President. He noted that no amount of talking and wishful thinking will change Liberia, but rather through hard work, sacrifice and refraining from doing the same old thing and expecting different results.

Earlier, the CPP Standard Bearer dedicated a 10-room shower and latrine facility in the Borough of New Kru Town. 

The shower and latrine facility erected through funding from ANC Global, will provide relief for an estimated 10,000 residents of New Kru Town.

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  1. Jacob Doe says

    Alexander Benedict Cummings, for you who is on record for bribing newspapers, committing the crime of forgery, tampering with your party’s constitution are hints of what could happen to the Constitution of the State when it is entrusted in your custody.

    So, if you know what is good for you just go back to the Coca Cola Factory or go back on your wall street. You know nothing about running a state. President Weah is our God sent President.

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