Cummings Changes Campaign Strategy -Moves door-to-door in a whirlwind tour

MONROVIA: In demonstrating his mantra of “doing things differently to get different results”, the standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings has adopted the door-to-door style of campaigning as way of reaching out to the electorates, while maintaining he is very sure that he will be the next president of Liberia after the pending October 10, 2023 general elections, due to the manner in which his message is resonating with the people.

A hint to this style of campaigning which is new to many Liberians was given recently by a top member of the CPP, Mr. George Wisner, who disclosed that Mr. Cummings will introduce and adopt what is aptly referred to in Liberia as the “Jehovah Witness” style of campaigning to arouse the people’s interest.

“Unlike in the past and the fact that Mr. Cummings is an innovative politician he will be opting for a new style of getting to our people and the impact is expected to be huge. Remember he has said over and over that Liberians should not expect to get different results doing the same thing. So, he will be introducing a new thing and will get new and different results,”, Wisner said recently on a radio talk show.

After strategizing how to launch his campaign that will produce the much needed result with respect to his presidential aspiration, and having suffered an initial setback due to the sudden death of the National Chairman of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Senator Daniel Flomo Naatehn, the CPP arrowhead, along with party faithful and enthusiasts, including top hierarchy of the party, on Tuesday, August 22 stormed the vote rich Montserrado County electoral district #10 to the amazement of citizens, where he offered a rare opportunity for the people to see him, interact with him and ask him some questions about his vision of bringing real change to Liberia.

It was amidst the downpour of rain that partisans and supporters placarded CPP posters, while residents rushed to meet and greet Mr. Cummings. The residents expressed great appreciation for the visit, while some citizens said they had long awaited the visit of the CPP Standard Bearer.

Cummings and entourage paraded the various streets of District # 10, through Oldroad, Chugbor, Smythe Road, Gaye Town; shaking hands with residents, shop owners, pedestrians and marketers, giving them hope for a better Liberia under Cummings leadership.

A Gaye Town resident identified as Varney Hoff and a market woman in Chugbor identified as Precious Kollie, spoke highly of Mr. Cummings and his strong desire to relieve Liberians of extreme suffering and poverty.

The visit to District #10, by the CPP Standard Bearer was part of his community engagement to meet citizens and solicit their views on prevailing socio-economic conditions of families and communities, an opportunity he cherished to get a deeper understanding of the people’s needs.

Cummings is among the leading opposition presidential candidates in the country, with huge popularity, especially amongst female voters and young people, who constitute about 65 percent of Liberia’s estimated five million people.

The CPP Standard Bearer, with great energy and enthusiasm, has since the start of National campaign on August 5, been engaging himself in early morning walking exercise, which has gained popularity with hundreds of his supporters joining in the activity.

The tour of Communities in Montserrado County District #10 by the CPP Standard Bearer was climaxed at its National Headquarters with a festive ceremony.

On Wednesday, August 23 Cummings and entourage were joined by hundreds of CPP supporters and sympathizers from various communities in District #14 including Vai Town, Gibraltar, Clara Town, Cow Factory, Abuja and the Doe Community on Bushrod Island where he received rousing welcome to engage the citizens, moving from one house to another, shops, entertainment centers, street corners and anywhere possible where he could meet with the people, delivering the message of hope and real change.

Accompanied by a large crowd, Cummings began walking from the Clara Town Store, made brief stops at the Varnee Mosque and the Feed My Sheep Church, where he made passionate pleas to both the Muslim and Christian communities, to pray fervently for God’s divine guidance to help Liberians choose good leaders on October 10.

As Cummings moved from one community to another the surging supporters and well- wishers sang loudly, walking behind him with ‘Who has the mansion key, Cummings has the Mansion key’, while others shouted battle cries: “real change, real change”.

The CPP Presidential Candidate and his Vice Standard Bearer Charlyne Brumskine, along with key senior partisans including Moriah Kou Yekula, Chief of Office Staff to Cummings, and the Representative Candidate of the CPP for the district, amongst others, paraded the district creating consciousness amongst the electorate in those vicinities to vote the Cummings-Brumskine ticket on October 10.

His tour of the district which took him to places including the church and the mosque was characterized by the sound of contemporary music to which partisans dressed in red jackets with white t-shirts rocked as battle cries echoed across the district with the candidate waving unceasingly.

Residents of the district were in full welcome of Mr. Cummings into the district where the youths, the young adults and the elderly were in attendance, even when he visited a local Church and a local mosque.

Prayers were offered for the CPP candidate and his entourage at the religious institutions while the crowd in the outdoor activities acclaimed Mr. Cummings and his Vice as the one that will be able to address the multiple problems faced by the nation.

At the church, the pastors offered prayers for him citing Roman 18:31 and Isaiah 7:7 for his encouragement never to give up the battle to the Executive Mansion. Called to the podium for remarks at the church where typical traditional Christian Grebo music rolled as the choristers danced to the beat of the drums, Mr. Cummings thanked the church congregation for their presence during his visit.

“We want to develop all Liberians in the country so that all Liberians will benefit from our country.  We will fix the educational system. We will fix the economy.  We will fix the healthcare system. We will fix the roads, we will fix the electricity and we will fix Liberia, we will stop the stealing, we will stop the chopping and you will see a difference in District #14.

“I thank you for your presence [here today], I want to ask you for your support.  I want to ask for your prayers for Liberia. I want to ask you for your prayers for Liberians to make the right decision on October 10, so that we will get the right leaders to serve our country,” he said.

Mr. Cummings also met the Imams in the District and assured them of good leadership. He however asked them not to vote based on tribal or religious sentiments as a Cummings leadership will not segregate.

He then introduced Madam Pauline Weah, the representative candidate of the district on the platform of the CPP. He thanked the Islamic community for the reception, adding, “We will make sure we will change Liberia, we will change the district and we will change Clara Town.”

The five-hour tour and engagement with citizens of District #14, was climaxed with a special program in Doe Community, where the CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed his commitment to good governance and economic renewal to revive the ailing economy through massive job creation.

Cummings promised to fix the deplorable road condition, the health and educational systems, and said Liberians will immediately begin to feel a difference in their living condition, on his election as Liberia’s next President.

An elated Cummings giving a summary of what he did differently during the two days of engagement, took to his official Facebook page and posted yesterday, Thursday, August 24, 2023, on the 176th anniversary of the national flag day.

“This week we continued our morning fitness walk in Bardnersville on Tuesday and Central Monrovia today. I enjoy meeting our people along the routes and taking a moment to stop and chat with them. For some of them, it is a pleasure seeing me.

“This morning, I was fortunate to meet and join the fitness club up Benson Street where I also participated in a race up the hill. I am blessed to be as fit as I am at my age and I am happy to see more Liberians focus on their health. A healthy society is a productive and prosperous society.

“Health is wealth. You do not need a gym to exercise and stay fit. You can start by walking in your communities, walking alone, with two or three persons or join a fitness group near you. We must prioritize our health as a people and walking is one quick and inexpensive way to improve your health.

“We will continue our exercise walks and I look forward to meeting more of you. Happy Flag Day! Join us in District 16 for our community engagement later this afternoon”, he said.

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