Creating a Sense of Community: AML’s Tokadeh Housing Project, A Solid Show of Commitment to Liberia

MONROVIA: In the not distance future, 520 Liberians working for global steel giant ArcelorMittal Libeia (AML) will occupants of a new stretch of housing units new the Tokadeh Mines in Nimba county.

A total of 52 housing units will be constructed over the next few years to accommodate roughly 1040 staff employed with ArcelorMittal Liberia.

The project is necessary as the ArcelorMittal continues to expand its employee size owing to the 2021 commencement of its Phase Two Expansion Project.

Phase Two Expansion of AML’s mining and logistics operation in Liberia incorporates processing, rail, and port facilities and is one of the largest mining projects in West Africa with millions expected to be invested as well as hiring of hundreds of new Liberian staff.

According to AML executives, the housing project when completed will bring life to Zolowee and other communities, as well as towns and villages near the Tokadeh Mines, and provide jobs for locals of the nearby communities.

Not just to create a sense of community, the Tokadeh project is a vision of ArcelorMittal that will radically change the look of that community from what has been designed and will see additional empowerment for people living in that area.

Housing developments like the one embarked on by ArcelorMittal will help foster supportive and cohesive environment among its workers, encouraging social interaction and a feeling of belonging to the host community and traditional owners of the land.

It will help lead better teamwork, improved morale, and ultimately, increased productivity at a company that has for years positioned itself as the biggest contributor of revenue to the government of Liberia.

The local economy in Zolowee will be greatly empowered as the project generates jobs in its construction phase but most importantly, when AML staff move in, the local market in that area stands to benefit from purchase of consumables many of which cannot reach Monrovia due to bad road network.

There is a sense of hopefulness that this new ArcelorMittal investment in staff well-being affords opportunities for collaboration with local governments and organizations, to raise positive relationships with host communities and contribute to the overall development of the Tokadeh Mines and its environs.

Ultimately, this bold step by AML to invest in housing for its workers, demonstrates a commitment not just to its employees’ well-being, and the local community, but also a show of adherence to sustainable business practices.

This is an enhancement of reputation that subsidizes a positive corporate image, which is crucial in an era where social responsibility is increasingly important to stakeholders and host communities alike.

Fifty-two new concrete units show the future as more to offer, and that ArcelorMittal Liberia seems intentional about its pledge to do good business in Liberia for a prolong period.

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