CPP Embarks on Selecting Standard bearer -As Chairperson Announces Steps towards Convention

The Collaborating Political Parties of Liberia (CPP) comprising the Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress and the All Liberian Party has embarked on a journey towards electing its standard-bearer, reaffirms its continued commitment to exist as collaboration.

A press release signed by its Chairperson Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence also spoke of the CPP’s affirmation to field a single slate of candidates in elections, saying that the collaboration looks forward to building on the successes achieved in the December 8, 2020, Midterm Senatorial Elections.

Senator Karnga-Lawrence who presides over the Collaboration restated in the release yesterday the CPP’s intended objective to achieve by fielding a single slate of candidates in 2023, which she said is consistent with its “Framework Agreement, the Elections Law, and established democratic practices.”

The release also indicated that the process started a few months ago with all political parties and leaders publicly expressing their interests in the presidential ticket of the CPP announcing amongst other things, that the collaboration welcomes the expressions of interest by various individuals and political leaders to contest on the ticket of the CPP as Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates consistent with the rules of the CPP

The CPP Chairperson also asserted in the release that all member-parties have the right to assert interests and declare their intentions at this time, adding however that the CPP Chair who signed the release encourages member-parties to engage with each other in these regards without compromising or violating the letter and spirit of the Framework Agreement.

Thirdly, the leadership also said “All member-parties are expected to undertake and conclude conventions promptly to determine Standard Bearers who are to be further considered by the CPP for the position of Standard Bearer of the CPP”.

According to the CPP leadership, a meeting of all current leaders of the four political parties will be convened shortly to discuss and agree on the schedules for conventions and presentations of Standard Bearers to the CPP, stating that the process of building consensus, which is the first step to determining the CPP Standard Bearer will begin immediately after the conventions and presentations of the respective Standard Bearers to the CPP by the end of July 2021.

“If a Standard Bearer is not derived by consensus, as agreed, the CPP will undertake a Perception Survey for informational purposes only, following which, a primary of the four constituent parties will be convened to elect the Standard Bearer of the CPP,” the release indicated.

The release asserted that by next month, the CPP will embark on a nationwide tour to meet with partisans, supporters, and well-wishers, thanking the Liberian people for their continued support which led to a good result in the Midterm Senatorial Elections and which culminate consolidation of the works of the joint structures of the CPP in the various counties in preparation for the 2023 Elections.

The release concluded: Finally, we assure the people of Liberia that the member-parties have again reaffirmed their commitments to remain united under the banner of the CPP and that all of the processes to elect a Standard Bearer for the 2023 Elections, as agreed and contained in the Framework Agreement, will be followed with tolerance and respect for the candidates and the democratic process, saying “Change is coming!”

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