Big National Dialogue on State of Affairs – GoL, Eminent Liberians, Int’l Partners Setting the Stage

In his inaugural address at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex back in January 2018, Liberia’s 24th President, George Manneh Weah declared: “We must not allow political loyalties prevent us from collaborating in the national interest. We must respect each other and act as neighbors, regardless of religious, social and economic differences.” That declaration has come home to roast amid deepening socioeconomic crises plaguing the nation. And perhaps true to those words of the President, the nation is expected to come together, putting aside political loyalties in order to collaborate in the national interest, President Weah according to sources, is bringing together all Liberians to reason together and find lasting solutions to social upheaval, breakdown of norms and paralysis in the national economy. As The Analyst has found out, the country’s development partners are also in agreement and are expected to part in the country’s first major national dialogue under President Weah.

The Analyst has gathered from multiple credit sources both in the public and private sectors that friendly discussions are ongoing amongst prominent Liberians and partners for the conduct of a big national dialogue in the country.
The dialogue, according to sources who referred not to be named because they were not authorized to make the disclosure, is intended to reduce growing political tension in the country and its impact on peace and stability and to jointly discuss means to salvage the country’s ailing economy amongst others.
Organizers of the forum, the National Peace and Economy Dialogue, include eminent Liberians, both in the country and in the diaspora, and top government officials.
It is also said that this dialogue will bring together all stakeholders in the country, including the government, political leaders, civil society groups, the UN, USA, AU, ECOWAS, interreligious council, amongst others.
According to the sources, the national dialogue will be held for two months, and that the Government of Liberia (GOL) is making fanatic efforts along with UN office in Monrovia to convene the forum very soon.
It has also been gathered that the dialogue will focus mostly on pressing national issues, including the economy, health, education, judiciary, security, amongst several other issues germane to national peace and development.
The sources have hinted that since the last few days, a horde of concerned eminent Liberians have been holding consultations with high government officials towards the planning and execution of the national dialogue.

Other sources told The Analyst the George Weah administration is in full cooperation with national elders on the need for the dialogue which, according to them, will address burning issues that have taken center stage in the country in recent times having the propensity to cause upheavals and the potential loss of gains made.
The Analyst has also learned reliably that the Liberian government is particularly excited about the initiatives and has designated a senior and respected Liberian to work along with the UN on the modalities that will ensure that the conservation is held.
“This is what we want in this country, because the noise is too much,” said a source who added: “It is interesting to note that the Weah administration is leading this effort. It is totally revolutionary in our governance system. Hope all hands remain on deck until the event is fully held.”

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