ArcelorMittal’s New Housing Project -Demonstrates Commitment to Staff Well-being

Last week ArcelorMittal Liberia undraped a groundbreaking plan for the construction of more than 50 concrete housing units for Liberian workers.

The new AML staff facility dubbed Tokadeh Housing Project is located along the main road leading to Yekepa from Tokadeh Junction and will cover more than 29.12 acres of land.

We have come to understand that the project is under ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Phase II Project Infrastructure initiative designed to be done in two phases.

AML authorities say that investing in this new housing project is a testament to its commitment to improving the wellbeing of staff which is considered a top management priority.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Jozephus Coenen said it has always been the commitment of ArcelorMittal Liberia to create the best possible and most favorable work environment for employees.

The construction of these new housing units for more than 1040 staff is aligned with ArcelorMittal’s strategic business objective, especially in the context of the Phase II Expansion project, the CEO added.

This paper understands that the massive housing project was necessary as according to AML CEO, “the size of our workforce is seeing a significant increase, hence the need for us to expand and improve our facilities to accommodate them.”

The new staff home complex by one of the largest global mining company which already has more than 1.7 billion investments in Liberia comes with several benefits that include a canteen, a gym, a laundry building, a recreation center, one facility management office and a mini-clinic.

The facility will be fenced entirely with three security booths and all other civil infrastructure, such as roads, drainages, water, and power supply system, the company stated.

It will address the issue of sufficient housing availability in the remote mining area of Tokadeh, where finding suitable accommodation can be a challenge.

By providing this new improved housing, ArcelorMittal is ensuring that her employees have a safe and comfortable place to live, which can improve overall well-being, job satisfaction, and help attract and retain skilled talent in a competitive job market.

Access to such quality housing will also provide longer employment for Liberian staff to stay with ArcelorMittal for longer periods, thereby reducing turnover and the associated costs of recruitment and training for a company that is already investing heavily in training and staff

capacity development.

One of the most important details released by ArcelorMittal on this new investment in housing is the fact that all the 1040 occupants of the new facility will continue to receive housing allowances from the company.

The company believes a continuation of payment of housing allowance to employees even though they are provided with housing will allow Liberian employees to save and build homes for themselves and their families.

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