Weah Ends Montserrado Tour on Strong Note -Begins Nationwide Campaign with Bomi

MONROVIA : Basking in the euphoria of a successful campaign tour of Montserrado County which saw him visiting all 17 districts in the county to solicit support for his second term bid, President George Manneh Weah ended his tour over the weekend in District 17 on an upbeat note, saying that his chances of emerging victorious in the ensuing October 10, 2023 general election are glaring as the people are resolved to reciprocate with their votes  for what he has done “to change the lives of the people more than any other President”.

President Weah, who has been on the road engaging citizens as the momentum to the Presidential election heats up since the National Elections Commission officially declared the campaign season open on August 5, 2023, climaxed his tour by dedicating a newly constructed market in the Banjor Community with the jubilant crowd chanting, “one round victory, one round victory”. He then moved to the Administrative Building Field where he informed the citizens that his second term will spur development which will be a consolidation of the gains of his first term, but warned that it will be a “suicide” were they to allow the UP to return to power after it “squandered every opportunity” to give the people the much-needed development projects.

“This country and our people have been taken for a ride for a long time and I think that is why some people just think they can wake up one morning and say they want to be president and it could happen for them. No. It is not so. Our people are not who they take them to be and it will never be in this election.

“For us, this is the only country we have. We believe in this country. I have always dedicated my life to the development of this country in various ways. As a professional soccer player, I was bearing the image of the country and brought glory to this country. I worked to end the civil war and served as Peace Ambassador to sustain the peace we all labored to have.

“I served you as your Senator and made laws for the benefit of our country and its people. Today, I am your President and for almost 6 years we have brought you development, I mean tangibles that you can all see. And because you believe I can do more, I am confident that my second term is a sure bet. Let the others think that our people are joking”, President Weah said amid cheers from the people.

President Weah said that he will continue to be grateful to the people of Montserrado County for standing by him in all his endeavors right from his playing days with local football clubs and then his political career where he is now the president of the country.

“Montserrado County has been good to me and I am sure in this election they will do more than what they have done. It was in Montserrado County that I started my football career. It was in Montserrado that I launched my political career when I organized the then Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and they stood by me when I became Senator and then President.

“When I was leaving the Senate after my election as President, I introduced Saah Joseph to you and you stood by me again by electing him as your senator. So, you have been with me and I have not also disappointed you, and I am very sure that we will finish this journey in the first round on October 10, 2023”, he said.

While taking an aim at his main contender, former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, President Weah said Liberians should be mindful of those who could not manage opportunities, but are always playing blame games and distorting facts just to score political capital.

“I just want to give you some pieces of advice that you should not pay attention to those who could not manage success or opportunities. You worked in government for 20 years and you cannot show the people anything; you blame others for nothing. You served as Vice President for 12 years, served as president of the Senate for 12 years and you tell people you didn’t have a budget.

Are you kidding me? You didn’t have a budget?

“How can you trust people to manage your affairs or the country when they cannot manage their lives. So, do not mind these stories when they come to you”, President Weah said.

The President who was emphatic about his chances of succeeding himself in the ensuing election told the huge crowd that what has been going for him ahead of other contenders is the trust he has built with the people and consistently he has delivered what they desire even with challenges mitigating against his plan. He said he had never complained to the people about the obstacles to what they need from him but instead, he had always “defeated such problems using uncommon means of finding solutions”.

“When we took over the country, we met a lot of challenges. There were a lot of things undone by the past administration but there was no point complaining because we were never elected to enjoy anything but to solve the problems created by our past, otherwise there was no need for seeking your votes.

“We were able to get the resources practically from nowhere to tackle our roads, our electricity, our education so that our young people will have a future, our health system, our infrastructure, and how to feed our people. These are not things I should remind you of because you can see them, you can feel them”, the president said, amid cheers from the people.

He said the first term was to lay the solid foundation that will enable the rapid take off of unprecedented developments in the country covering all sectors that will change the development landscape of the country. He however lamented that as old as the country is, it has never had strong “development fundamentals that can make the country prosperous like others”.

“You can see that we have been struggling in every sector but for the period of six years, our government has been laying the foundation for the next generation to have a happy and prosperous country. My second term will definitely be outstanding and it will touch all the critical sectors of the country.

“Just imagine what we have been able to do with the WASSCE. We have set the basis now for our students to do well in public examinations and when they pass, they go to the public universities free of charge. When they graduate, they either go into their own private businesses or join the government to contribute their quotas in various fields. So, we need the votes to get us there and we are very sure that you will vote for us to protect both your present and your future”, the President said.

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor who has been accompanying her boss on all of the engagements and had been the only person introducing him to the people, raised the bar among the women when she said that President Weah has proven over time to be a respecter for women empowerment, and for promoting them to leadership positions, thus elevating their participation in the decision-making process of the country.

“Besides me being the first elected female Vice President in the country, which is the highest office in the land being occupied by a female, President George Weah has promoted and encouraged a lot of females in key leadership positions in the country including the Chief Justice, cabinet ministers, Directors General and Managing Directors of key government institutions, superintendents, city mayors, the security agencies where women are key players.

“This election is about ensuring that the female population has a stake and say in the decision-making process. It is about you getting your entitlement and benefits just like your male counterparts, and I will therefore urge you to see reasons to elect the President and the entire candidates on the ticket of the CDC”, VP Taylor said.

Also speaking on the occasion, Senator Saah Joseph, whose work with the rural communities of Montserrado County remain outstanding since his election in the national legislature, said he owes his transformation from a mere refugee in Sierra Leone to a national figure today to the generosity and leadership role of the President, and he in turn has gone out to do similar things to the communities that he was worked with and the people who have come over to him for assistance.

“This is a mark of a good leader; someone who will make others and the others will make others. So, this trickle down effect from the President has changed a lot of people’s lives including myself who is now giving out to people.

“But the main thing I am standing here today is to urge you to vote for him and all the CDC candidates in the race. He has done a lot that leaders before him have not done.

“The CDC government has delivered its promises to you if you compare what the 12 years of the Unity Party did to you; abandoned you and want to come back to power to further impoverish you.

“You can see that the lawmaker who was representing you here has run away to another place to contest because he has nothing to show here. If truly they have done something here, he would have stayed here to show them and defend them but he ran away.

“For the first time in many years, Arthington that was founded in the 1800’s, will be connected with a bridge to connect it to other settlements very soon and other areas are equally to benefit. Please do not be deceived by the opposition, do the right thing to vote President George Manneh Weah and all the CDC candidates on October 10, 2023.

Montserrado County Superintendent, Florence Brandy, in her welcome remarks said she was excited to welcome the President and entourage to the district, and as the President was rounding up his visit, it was important that the people take the message of his re-election bid very serious, asserting that come election day, the county will turnout in full to register their votes for their “illustrious son who has been there for us and has brought pride and honor not only to the county but  also to the entire country”.

As a mark of their appreciation, Madam Brandy on behalf of the people of Montserrado County presented gifts including gowns to the President and First Lady Clar Marie Weah for their immense contributions to the people of Montserrado County.

At the end of the program, the Campaign Manager, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, announced that the President will shortly commence his nationwide tour in continuation of engaging the citizens, beginning with Bomi County.

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