ANC Denounces Tribalism -Mouna Farhat Comments Draw Party Ire

MONROVIA – The Alternative National Congress (ANC) says it does not accept nor support any form of tribalism. The statement from the ANC comes against the background of fiery comments from ANC stalwart Mouna Farhat, in reaction to President George Weah special assistant Sekou Kalasco Damarro changing his social media profile photo to that of slain Liberian president Samuel K. Doe immediately following the Thursday, July 30, 2020 violent mob attack on ANC political leader and CPP chairman Alexander Cummings and his delegation in Grand Gedeh County, home of former President Doe.

“The Mandingo people starting again o. This other Mandingo man just want to bring trouble for his people. He has joined the people from Grand Gedeh to start trouble. That’s how the problem can start. The thing that Doe couldn’t finish, that Weah will finish it? Liberian people should not sit down this time around for these unscrupulous people to cause trouble again. Charles Taylor is sitting down in jail somewhere while these people are causing trouble,” said Ms. Farhat in a social media rant that was in obvious reference to Mr. Damarro’s insensitive action.

But the ANC has completely distanced itself from Ms. Farhat’s comments saying, “the recent violent incident that occurred in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh, on Thursday, July 30, 2020, against our Political Leader and Chairman of the CPP, Mr. Alexander Cummings, Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, and other members of the CPP and ANC, is no justification to attack any person or group of people, based on their tribe.”

The ANC says it is a political party for all Liberians, and therefore disassociates itself from all derogatory and tribalist statements or comments made on social media or any other forum – “especially those made about our Mandingo and Krahn brothers and sisters”.

“Finally, we strongly resist any attempt to ascribe negative tribalist connotations to any actions of a person or group of people. We denounce this as backward thinking and ask all our members and supporters to desist from such behavior,” the ANC said.

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