UP Withdraws Case against Speaker Koffa

MONROVIA: The Unity Party has withdrawn its Petition for Declaratory Judgment against the National Elections Commission (NEC) as first respondent and the Speaker of the House of Representative of the 55th Legislature, Grand Kru County Representative Fonati J Koffa as second respondent in which the UP wanted Speaker Koffa removed from the Legislature on account of allegations that he possesses Dual Citizenship.

But the incoming ruling party somersaulted Wednesday, January 17, 2024 when its legal counsels issued a “Notice of Withdrawal” to the Civil Law Court undoing its legal action after massive criticisms from the pundits of the outgoing Coalition for Democratic Change and other diaspora Liberians.

In a “Notice of Withdrawal” issued addressed to the Clerk of the Six Judicial Circuit Court, the Civil Law Court of Montserrado County, the lawyers of the Unity Party wrote, “You will please take judicial notice and spread upon the record of the Honorable Court that petitioners in the above titled case has on this date and day withdrawn its petition for Declaratory Judgment with reservation”.

Signed by four legal counselors for the party including Cllrs. Benedict K. Sagbeh,  Moiffie Kanneh, Neto Zarzar Leigh, and J. Cole Bangalu, the party said in its notice of withdrawal that “for so doing this shall constitute your legal and sufficient authority in the premise.”

It can be recalled that the Unity Party, through its Chairman Luther Tarpeh and Secretary General Amos Tweh, filed a petition for Declaratory Judgment seeking the removal of Speaker Koffa from the National Legislature for dual citizenship amidst lousy criticisms.

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  1. Jake Doe says


    MY GOD!!!These Unity Party’s incompetent charge and bill lawyers …. Kabineh Janeh, Cooper Kruah, etc. are conducting themselves worse than laymen as they keep on stabbing in the dark. As lawyers they should have the ability to think through to the central issue, to the core of the matter.

    And one of the fundamentals of such ignoramus conduct on their part is that they do not hold principles in solution, nor do they even seem to have the capability to analyze the problem before them in terms of breaking it down, align the pluses and minuses.

    Its just so hilarious that a former Justice Minister who has even been a former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court has no idea about STANDING, and goes to court so unprepared. Probably, it is because he is an impeached Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and worse , a rebel minister of justice.

    The first requirement of a sound body of law is that it should correspond with the actual fellings and demands of the community, whether right or wrong. Oliver Wendell Holmes

    The law is as much interest to the layman as it is to the lawyer. Lord Balfour

    While mortals should be guided by the Positivist School of Legal Thought, mortals disregarding THE SPIRIT of the Natural Law School and the Legal Realism School of Legal Thought, risk losing their own sanity, and the law itself, and as well as their own mortal existence!!! Jake Doe

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