UL Begs Faculty to Reconsider Disengagement -Says September Salary Disbursement Begins Today

As pressure mounts on the Government of Liberia to regularize the payment of salaries to its employees, the Administration of the University of Liberia is calling on the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) to reconsider the decision to disengage its services due to salary delay, noting that such action would stall academic progress at the University.

According to a University of Liberia press release quoting President Ophelia Inez Weeks, the Administration and Board of Trustees has enjoined its faculty members through their leadership, for reconsideration, and to return to their respective classrooms while their concerns are being addressed.

“In the wake of the present economic constraints in the country, the University has been fortunate to have received salary payments up to September, 2019, while the payroll for October has already been submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning for processing and subsequent payment will be made on time. I am also confirming that the disbursement of salaries to employees for September 2019 have commenced. In consideration of the difficult times and emotions that exist in the country, largely due to economic challenges, the Administration therefore, deems it expedient to call for an exercise of restraint,” Madam Weeks stated.

The Administration, the Board of Trustees, and the People of Liberia, Madam Weeks said, value the contributions of the UL faculty in “molding the minds of our younger generation, as well as the immense sacrifices associated with their efforts. Your professionalism is highly appreciated and respected, and we are sincerely committed to seeking your welfare at all times. The Administration and Board of Trustees have been, and continue to be in constant communication and engagement with the Government of Liberia, to ensure that salaries are paid, and on a timely basis,” the release quoting UL president Week reiterated.

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