Tourism Sector Insight -As a New Festival Foundation is launched

MONROVIA: In trying to fulfil the dream of President Joseph Boakai in his ARREST agenda emphasized that the need to improve the Tourism sector of the republic through its extraction from the Ministry of Information, Liberia on Wednesday officially launched a Liberia Chapter of the World Junkanoo Festival Foundation.

Junkanoo is a Bahamian cultural celebration that includes dance, music, spirituality, and a celebration of freedom. In its purest form, it was how the slaves expressed jubilation from the lives of captivity. “It is a unique embodiment of Bahamian slave spirituality;” Melvin Jackson reports.

Giving an overview of the event, Samuel Borbor, a member of the organizing committee said the Junkanoo cultural festival is rooted in the African Cultural/Traditional heritage since the 1700s.

He added that the World Junkanoo Festival Foundation embodies historical significance and social economic advantages, stating, “This international event celebrates the rich culture of African countries and the African Diaspora, fostering tourism, economic ties, and creating memorable experiences.”.

According to Borbor, this year, the World Junkanoo Festival Foundation celebration will be hosted in Toronto, Canada from May 21 – 26, 2024, saying that the festival, renowned for its vibrant display of colors and sounds, features participants from all around the World and various West African countries including Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, and Gambia, among others.

“Junkanoo Festival which originated from the Bahamas, Junkanoo is an Instrument of colors and sounds. Its rhythmic beats, accompanied by an array of traditional and modern instruments, create an immersive cultural experience.

The festival is celebrated every year where people from all walks of life showcase costumes and Traditional performances.” He maintained,

He said Liberia attending the World Junkanoo Festival Foundation offers an opportunity for cultural exchange and collaboration

Samuel Borbor , added that the launch signifies a celebration of cultural heritage and international collaboration, as the committee  look forward to seeing Lots of Liberians both in government and the Private sector to participate at this occasion in Canada this Year.

Also speaking at the launch, Madam Juanita Yiah, a member of the organizing committee gave the objective of the event, said Liberia’s participation will show Liberia’s rich cultural heritage.

She added that it will also stimulate economic opportunity and attract investors to Liberia’s unique tourism sector following the participation of the Canada Toronto festival in May of this year.

Serving as chief launcher at the Junkanoo festival, Darius Darwaoah Gweh, said Liberia’s first participation will showcase the unique and diverse cultural heritage in the country.

He said Liberia has a rich and diverse cultural heritage that needs to be explored to the outside world for greater investment in the sector as in the president’s agenda.

“I want all of us to embrace this big opportunity that has come our way, in that we all will help to put the country on the map to the outside world through trade, cultural investment.” Gweh added.

Meanwhile, President Boakai has disclosed that he has since proffered a legislative bill to the Legislature, which he indicated has its first public hearing, adding that his leadership will work with the Legislature on the status of the bill pending necessary actions to complete this process.

He informed Liberians that the bill once passed, Liberia will have a National Tourism Authority mandated to draw up regulations and the appropriate governing framework for the tourism sector, which will mean an obvious detachment of the Culture and Tourism from the Ministry of Information.

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