There Is Nothing To “Celebrate” Under The Failed Weah Government; LOTS TO FIX

By Wlemongar Krangar 

Today, Liberians are forced to confront and address a matter of great concern — the current state of Liberia under the administration of George M. Weah.

It is important for us to have an open and honest conversation about the realities we face and the need to reassess our support for an administration that has failed to deliver on its promises.

First and foremost, let us consider the state of the Liberian economy. Despite grand pledges and grand visions, suffering and desperate Liberians have witnessed a stagnation and deterioration in economic growth under the Weah administration. Rising inflation and declining exchange rates are also devaluing the purchase ability of our people.

The jobless rate remains alarmingly high, with limited job opportunities for our young people.

The promises of attracting foreign investments and creating a thriving business environment have fallen short, leaving many citizens very disappointed, worse off today and struggling to even eat.

It is disheartening to see the lack of progress and the missed opportunities that have hindered our economic development.

Furthermore, we cannot ignore the pervasive issue of corruption that continues to steal the future of young people.

Despite promises of accountability and transparency, corruption scandals have emerged under President Weah, eroding public trust and diverting resources away from critical sectors.

Liberians must hold our leaders accountable for their actions and demand a government that prioritizes the interests of the people over personal gain.

It is essential to reassess our support for a Weah administration that has failed to tackle this fundamental issue of run away corruption.

Additionally, the state of our infrastructure is a cause for concern. Roads are in disrepair, limiting access to markets and basic services for our citizens.

Our ports and energy infrastructure suffer from neglect, hindering trade and economic growth. The lack of reliable infrastructure not only stifles development but also hampers the delivery of essential services to our people.

We must demand a government that prioritizes infrastructure development and invests in building a solid foundation for our nation’s progress.

Moreover, there is a pressing need to address the quality of education and healthcare in Liberia.

Our educational system remains inadequate, with limited resources and a lack of qualified teachers.

Our healthcare system struggles to provide basic services and meet the needs of our people.

It is  very disappointing to witness the decline in the quality of education and healthcare under the Weah administration.

Liberians must reassess our support for leaders who have failed to prioritize these vital sectors and demand better for our citizens.

The very Government that plunged our country into more hardship are asking citizens to come out to celebrate their useless and failed performance.

There is nothing to celebrate!!

Furthermore, the divisiveness and lack of inclusive governance under the Weah administration have worsened societal tensions.  Liberians must foster unity, dialogue, and a government that values the diverse perspectives and aspirations of all Liberians.

What citizens can do, is to reassess their support for an administration that has failed to foster inclusive governance.

President Weah, it’s time to go!

There is a better alternative in October 2023 – the ticket of the CPP.

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and Cllr Charlyne M. Brumskine represent the future and #RealChange.

The CPP has clearly shown that their policies and plans of effective governance, economic growth, social cohesion, and opportunities for all Liberians, can and will “Fix” the damage that the Weah Administration has inflicted on our people.



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