Shooting Kills Student In School -Two students arrested for killing colleague

An early morning shooting at the Cyber-ED Christian School of Excellence, a private school in the Sophie Community, Congo Town, in Monrovia claimed the life of a student, Precious Ireland with the arrest of two suspects, Jovanus Oliver Turay, 16 and Matthew Gonkerwon, 17, all students of the same institution of the 11th grade class. The victim was said to have been shot on her neck with a 9mm pistol.

Police preliminary probe conducted stated that the Principal of the School, Mr. J. Emmett Chapin, revealed in his narration that he was urgently called at 7:45AM by one of his colleagues of a shooting sound heard on campus. He further stated that eyewitnesses and students saw the three (3) seated in one of the Classrooms listening to music via an earpiece and suddenly saw victim Precious lying unconscious after a gun sound.

The parents of the main suspect, Josia Saah and Sylvanus Turay (lives in the USA) have been cooperating to bring their Legal Representations to extract statements from the suspected juveniles.

It has been reported that the victim was rushed to the SOS Clinic which is about 3 minutes away but she was promised dead upon arrival.

The victim, it has been reported, is a daughter of Dr. Philip Zochonis Ireland, Head of Internal Medicine at the JFK Memorial Hospital.

Meanwhile, the school has expressed its condolences to the bereaved family and has called for an emergency meeting of parents today on the unfortunate situation.

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