YEKEH KOLUBAH SUSPENDED -For insulting President Weah; Forfeits 4-month salaries, benefits, etc.

The House of Representatives meeting in session yesterday, April 13, 2021, unanimously took a decision to suspend Mr. Yekeh Kolubah, Representative, District 10, Montserrado County for what the house called continuously violating Rule 48, sections 48.1 and 48.2, of the standing rules and procedures of the honorable house of representatives captioned “Observing the ethics ”for your egregious behavior against the Liberian presidency

In a directive letter signed by Madam Mildred Sayon, Chief Clerk of the House, Mr. Kolubah was informed that he was suspended for 30 working meeting/sessions beginning Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and that payment of his salaries, allowances and immunities are stopped with immediate effect for the period of his suspension.

The decision in keeping with the stand rule 48.7 of the House, you have been suspended by the honorable house of representatives for 30 days of meeting/sessions of the honorable house beginning Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and that payment of your salaries, allowances and immunities are stopped with immediate effect for the period of your suspension(Rule 48.7.c)

“Your suspension is predicated upon the complaint that was filed by Hon Thomas P. Fallah, Representative, Montserrado County electoral district #5 for which the honorable house resolved itself into a committee of whole to hear complaint on Thursday, March 25, 2021. The complaint was immediately deliberated upon by the honorable house where both parties ( you, the accused and Honorable Fallah, the complainant} were given due process. Findings from this deliberation found proved you guilty of the offence; hence your suspension.” the letter stated.

Representative Kolubah is on record for being one of the most critical voices and controversial lawmakers against the CDC led government especially President George Manneh Weah who he has never spared to throw unpleasant words against him.

The last of such might have come to an end when recently his alleged calling President Weah a ‘dog’caught the attention of his fellow colleague, Representative Thomas P. Fallah of  the governing Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) and Chairman of the House standing committee on Ways and Means filed a complaint with the plenary.

On March 25, during the House’s 21st day sitting, plenary took a decision to suspend Representative Yeke Korlubah. Rule 47.8(C) of the House’s standing rule gives the right to plenary to take such action against one of its members.

However, Representative must have gotten a reprieve for the suspension when Representative Moses Acarious Gray filed a motion for reconsideration which delayed the suspension. a motion for reconsideration was filled by Montserrado District#8 lawmaker Acarous Moses Gray, a move which delayed legislator Korlubah’s suspension. Under the House’s rule, a motion for reconsideration must be tried and tested after three working sessions, inclusive of the day of the filing of said motion.

The rule mandates that a movant of a motion for reconsideration must file a written communication to the office of the Chief Clerk challenging the suspension within the time allotted for the motion to be tried and tested on the floor. But Representative Gray, the movant in this case, failed to meet up with the laid down procedure with the office of the Chief Clerk, thereby validating plenary’s initial decision.

At the plenary yesterday, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, who himself on several occasions had brawls with Mr Kolubah read the decision of the House with a terse sentence, “ Honorable Yekeh Kolubah is hereby suspended for 30 days and the Clerk of the House was mandated to formally communicate the decision to  Mr. Kolubah.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kolubah appeared to be unfazed with the decision, stating that he stands by what he said and that he was going to take the matter to the court.

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