Sen. Dillon Wants Covid Test Fees Remove

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has urged the government of Liberia to remove payment of “Testing Fees” for travelers that are fully vaccinated, so as to help save them the extra financial burden imposed since the outbreak of the pandemic in Liberia in the year 2020.

In a brief note shared with media institutions in Monrovia yesterday, April 11, 2022, a copy which was served .The Analyst,  Dillon noted that it was very understandable at the height of the Covid, that passengers travelling the globe were required to prove “Negative” of covid 19 as a condition to travel. He said to ensure this , travelers were charged and made to pay compulsory “testing fees” to do the tests and obtain results before leaving and entering Liberia. He added that the same condition applied to many countries around the world.

“Now that Vaccines have been provided to the world by the World Health Organization, the U.S. and other friendly Nations, Governments around the world are taking steps to alleviate the extra financial burden imposed upon travelers by removing “Testing Fees” for those that are fully vaccinated.

“In West Africa, the Governments of Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone have announced steps to alleviate this burden of travelers leaving and entering their countries. The condition not to pay COVID-19 “Testing Fees” any longer is to display a Vaccination Card as proof that a traveler has been fully vaccinated.

“As the Legislature is on Easter Break, and for which reason we are not meeting in Plenary Session until our return early next month, I am using this medium to call attention of the Executive Branch via the Ministry of Health to consider, under good advisement, the people-driven actions of our sisterly countries

He said If nothing is done in said direction until they (The Legislature) returns from Easter Break, He will raise this before the Senate (In Plenary) for appropriate redress.

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