Sekou Sheriff Petitions Police -Over Death Threats

MONROVIA – Liberian journalist, Sekou Sheriff, who is the proprietor of the Voice of Liberia FM station, has petitioned the Liberia National Police over an allegation he brought against Mr. Ali Kobeissi, a Lebanese national for allegedly threatening his (Sekou) life following an investigation he (Sekou) conducted and found out that Mr. Kobeissi imported goods into the country and under declared to rob the government and its people of legitimate taxes.

In the petition dated February 16, 2023, Sheriff stated the premise of his action and urged the police to take custody of the matter so as to protect his life.

“Whereas, As a law-abiding citizen, Following a threat on my life on Tuesday, February 7, 2023; from a man who identified himself as Ali Kobeissi; claiming to be the owner of the Building Material Center on the Capitol, I wrote to the Police requesting the police to investigate.

“Whereas, despite receiving the petition on February 10, 2023,the police, whose duty is to maintain law and order as well as ensure safety, are yet to investigate this matter”, he said.

Continuing with the main thrust his petition, Sekou said Ali told him to back out from pursuing any form of investigation and live peacefully or risking losing his life, adding that he has the transcript to all the conversations that ensured between two of them and that copies of his transcripts were attached to the complaints.

“Whereas, on multiple occasions during the interview, Ali reminded me to record the conversation and advised me not to take his threats lightly, bragging that he is connected to all the top ranking officials of government as such nothing would have come out of any complaint filed against him. Since that day, Ali calls me almost daily to remind me about the threat. During his most recent call a few days ago, he reminded me that the commute from his BMC store to my office was very short and he could get to me whenever he wanted.

“Whereas, information in the public shows that this Lebanese national—Ali is the only foreign national riding a vehicle with Siren.

“Whereas, following pronouncement about our peaceful assembly today, the Police call me on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 9:37am, asking me to be in a meeting at 10am at which time I was in consultation with my family outside Monrovia (Kakata Margibi County).

“Whereas, the delay on the part of the police to investigate this matter clearly shows that the police do not have interest in my life nor is the police having interest in investigating the matter.

“Whereas, I viewed the conduct of the Police as a deliberate attempt to protect a foreign national over a Liberian who has done nothing wrong to deserve such a threat”, the petition read.

“Now, therefore, in view of the above concerns, observations and in the midst of the reported number of questionable deaths that have occurred in Liberia over the last few years, I am constrained to remind you the Police that my life is in the hands of you people as you delay in investigating this serious matter.

“Just as Ali said, I am now beginning to believe that nothing will be done to ensure justice but let us use this petition to let the world know that my safety going forward rest on the shoulders of Ali and the Liberia National police because as I stand here, I honestly don’t know the next move of Ali against my life.”, the petition concluded.  

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