Rep. Moye Criticizes Sen. Yallah -Says The Senator Has No Trace of Work in Bong

By Patrick Tokpah

BONG – The rift among politicians in Bong County appears to be deepening amongst political opponents as the 2020 Mid-term Senatorial election draws nearer; with Liberia’s Deputy Speaker for the House of Representatives and Bong County Legislator Prince K. Moye describing as “witchcraft” the behavior of the County’s Senator Henry Willie Yallah towards him.

Moye’s description of Senator Yallah was intended to rubbish the senator’s claim, that the deputy speaker is bent on causing confusion in the county and dividing the people of Bong.

He said he was also reacting to a recent statement by Senator in Bong County in which deputy speaker claimed that the Senator said Moye considers incumbent Senator Tokpah his father and yet is mobilizing to run against him in the county when he, Moye has not fulfill all the promises he has made to the people as Representative of District #2.

Deputy Speaker Moye said prior to Yallah’s ascendency as Senator in the County, he worked in the offices of former Bong County District #1 Rep. Tokpah J. Mulbah who bought him, Yallah, car; and noted that in return of the gesture, Yallah sponsored one Emmanuel Kwanneh to contest against Tokpah how he worked with. Senator Yallah, Mr. Moye accused, also sponsored James Kamara against former Rep. George S. Mullah of District#3 with both contested the ticket of the People Unification Party, although they both were defected in the 2017 election.

Rep. Moye said the organic law of the land provides that every individual elected to public office should perform his/her assigned constitutional duties, if the voters should not vote him or her out of office.  Moye further alleged that over the years, Senator Yallah has underperformed in the County; a reason Moye said the senator is crying around with his name.

The Bong County District#2 Lawmaker also claimed that since Yallah became Senator of the County, there is no single trace or record of him making legislative report to the people of Bong County regarding his legislative performance at the Liberian Senate.

“While will you be calling me King Pharaoh when you are the one that have brought confusion and divisions among citizens of the county,” Deputy Speaker wondered, saying that the Senator has no traces of human resource and infrastructure developments in Bong County since his election to the Upper House in 2011 up to present.

Deputy Speaker Moye urges Senator Yallah to stop crying like a baby, adding that he has stayed more than eight years at the Liberian Senate and needs not to worry he he believed in his performance at the Senate for the people of Bong County.

Meanwhile, Representative Moye has boasted that he remains the single best choice for the Senate for October 2020 midterm election, adding that there are two types of by-elections, necessary and unnecessary by-elections.

Buttering his bread further, Moye indicated that Representative Cole who was elected to the House of Representatives as the result of the 2018 by-elections in less than three months is clamoring around the place to run for the senate, which Moye thinks is not necessary, pointing out that Rep. Cole entered the House when he has not fulfilled one of his many campaign promises.

According to Representative Moye, 2020 is for the opposition Unity Party in the county, because the quest of his people to serve them is a call that he cannot refute.

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