MCA-L donates 1.2 M in Equipment to LEC

Monrovia – The Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia (MCA-L) has provided equipment worth US$1.2 million to boost the capacity of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC). The 47 transformers, 3,652 meters, 241 surge arrestors, 1 Digger Derrick truck, 1 bucket truck, and assorted personal protection equipment will allow LEC to build a much more stable grid.

The donations are part of MCA-L’s effort to support LEC to make it a more sustainable and viable public utility, through funding from the United States government made under the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact with Liberia. The investments in materials have also been helping LEC to increase connections to the grid.

In response to the donations, Roland Carey, MCA-L’s private sector director, urged LEC to be good stewards of the equipment and use it to improve access to reliable and affordable electricity.

“The donations are intended to strengthen LEC’s capacity to expand connections. For MCA-L, success ultimately happens when the average small business owner can have access to steady electricity supply, or when the ordinary market woman selling ice or cold goods can rely on LEC consistently working for her,” he added.

In July 2019, MCA-L also equipped LEC with US$576,000 in spare parts and utility poles for use in improving the reliability of its network and extending service to additional customers. That means over the course of the past seven months, MCAL has transferred US$1.78 million worth of equipment to LEC.

In addition to funding 40 percent of the cost of rebuilding the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant, the compact has also paid for a three-year management services contractor to manage LEC and turn it into a more efficient and profitable company.

About MCA-L: In October 2015, the Government of the United States of America, through its development agency, Millennium Challenge Corporation, provided a grant of US$257 million to Liberia. MCA-L is an independent, legal, and autonomous agency of the Government of Liberia created by the legislature to administer the compact projects, which address the lack of access to reliable and affordable electricity and inadequate road infrastructure. Learn more about MCA-L at

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