Rep. Elect Debee Clarifies Meeting With President Elect -Says, “I Met Boakai For My People not for Koon”

MONROVIA: In the wake of reports making the round that the sole purpose of the meeting the President elect, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai held with some incoming representatives was to solicit support for the Speakership bid of the candidate of the Unity Party Alliance Representative Richard Nagbe Koon, the Representative elect of District #3, Grand Gedeh County, Jacob C. Debee has stated that his purpose in the meeting was to congratulate both the president elect and Vice president elect Jeremiah Kpan Koung and speak about the development of his constituency and his people and not to support Representative Koon.

Mr. Debee who took to his official social media page to post about the outcome of the well publicized meeting held on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at the residence of the President elect said the clarity was necessary after some people ran with the story that he was at the meeting to endorse the UP candidate and nothing else was said about his district and county that he was elected to represent at the national legislature.

“Good afternoon everyone.  I was part of 31 lawmakers that met the president and vice president elect yesterday not necessarily to pledge support to his candidate for the SPEAKERSHIP but rather an opportunity or privilege to meet, congratulate and explain to him and team what we stand for as a district and county”, .

“The president elect reaffirmed his desire to grade all roads to standard in his 1st 100 days. He also promised to decentralize the distribution of medical supplies like building a regional hub of storage in one central county that will distribute assorted medical supplies. He promised to give 5000.00 USD to each electoral district to celebrate his inauguration because he doesn’t want everyone coming to Monrovia for celebration. He revealed that the CDC government has made available 650k for the inauguration program. However, he made specific mention about how the Southeasterners voted and that you don’t have to come from a particular part of Liberia to develop or build roads”, Representative Debee said.

Representative Debee said while speaking when the opportunity was given him, congratulated the President elect and team for the victory and told him that it was high time concentration be centered around governance and that all election related issues should be left in the past just as he raised a question if the President elect and his transitional team will mobilize for additional funds besides the $650K provided by the national government.

“I went on to ask him (president elect and team) to give/let us know how much his government intends to raise in addition to what the outgoing government gave them for transparency and accountability but they fell short of that”, he said.

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  1. Jacob Doe says

    Look, Debbie, your logic is poor. Is it at the home of Boakai you have to go for the developments of your people? No. Boakai invited you because he wants you to vote for Koon. So, once you honored the invitation and went to see Boakai, you were rationally taking such action for Koon. So, rescind that rant about “I Met Boakai For My People not for Koon”. YOU must be another upcoming stooge, a66 kisser and corrupt boot licker.

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