Put Your House in Order -PYJ Warns CDC-led Govt -Wants Pres. Weah Fire Mulbah, Other “Non-performers”

The shocking results of the just-ended special senatorial Elections has sent the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in a seemingly irredeemable tailspin, with Nimba County Senator and Movement for Democracy and Reconciliation (MDR) Political Leader Prince Y. Johnson calling on the government to put its house in order and make things right with the Liberian voters who overwhelmingly voted against CDC candidates in the five most vote-rich regions of Liberia. Starting with the CDC hierarchy, Senator Johnson has called on President Weah to fire Chairman Mulbah Morlu and all other government officials who are not performing.

Delivering his regular politicized sermon at his Chapel of Faith Ministries church last Sunday, the Senator-turned-Pastor warned that, although the president of Liberia was overwhelmingly elected by the approval of God to fight corruption, unemployment, nepotism, favoritism, sectionalism, among other vices, the current structure of the government is built of “sectionalism”.

“This is why, if we must put our house in order, we need to dismantle some things and put in place concrete foundations for the overall development of our nation,” Senator Johnson said.

The tough-taking lawmaker said he is saddened that the entire structure of the government gravitates around people from Southeastern Liberia, with appointments in major ministries, agencies and commissions prioritizing south-easterners.

Senator Johnson said it is disheartening that the head of the Central Bank of Liberia is from the southeast, same as the Minister of Finance, LPRC, Ministry of Transport, Public Works, Information, State without Portfolio, Gender, Commerce, Labor, Defense, Maritime, LWSC, LNP, NSA, LBS, National Fisheries Authority, Liberia Institute of Public Administration, RIA, EPA, LTA, LRA, LEC, NHA, Speaker, Pro Tempore and many other officials of the Weah government.

“What a sectionalistic operation we have!” Senator Johnson lamented, stating, however, that if one were to combine the entire southeastern counties, they wouldn’t even measure up to Nimba or other counties that are isolated and marginalized.

Senator Johnson further placed the blame of the dismal performance of the ruling CDC and its candidates in the just-ended senatorial elections to those that are close to President Weah but are not working in the interest of the people.

He said those who surround the presidency and are positioned as confidantes are not working to the expectation of the Liberian people,  because they are destroying the political fabric of the CDC regime, thus they need to be dismantled.

“There are too many liars, too many wolves in sheep clothing trying to destroy the government; they are trying to destroy all of us that are attached to this government,” Senator Johnson lamented.

Mysterious deaths

Senator Johnson also placed the underperformance of the CDC in the recent senatorial elections to how dismally the Weah government operatives handled the mysterious deaths of the four auditors, as well as the three young men who disappeared at a mining site owned and operated by the Manger of St. Moses Funeral Parlors.

“When you have mysterious killings, deaths, and the depositing of two bodies on Broad Street and you say they were having intercourse in the car and that they died from carbon monoxide, is that real?” Senator Johnson wondered.

He said Lama and Peters of the Liberia Revenue Authority were professional people that had worked over the years, and it is just incomprehensible for the two to have engaged in sexual intercourse on Broad Street, an act that could have led to their deaths.

“There are too many hotels and motels in town. So bringing into our nation a fiasco pathologist to perform autopsy, that report is fiasco. It is meant to destroy us, to damage our image and the government. We need to put our house in proper order. Let us not listen to partisans. Let’s listen to voices of reason,” Senator Johnson further cautioned.

He said the Liberian people could not fathom why three young men disappeared at the mining site of the owner of St. Moses, yet he is being protected while the families of the victims are being punished.

“One of the children is from Nimba, the other is from Grand Kru. People are grieving, people are mourning, and because they demonstrated for their lost loved ones, they are being beaten, tear gassed, and arrested and jailed. That further destroys our country and makes our people to go against us. The people from the Burroughs voted against us because one of their sons disappeared and St Moses who is supposed to be the principle suspect is getting more business from government,” Senator Johnson said.

Retrospective further on the outcome of the elections, Senator Johnson said, based on the many missteps of those working close to President Weah, the citizens who wore the CDC party regalia during their party’s monumental launch, abandoned the CDC and voted for the opposition.

“We are collaborating with the CDC, so I am asking our colleagues, where are the blue and red berets, where are the blue t-shirts? On the day of the elections, they removed the T-shirts and berets and wore their own ordinary clothes and marched behind the CPP candidate. Crowd doesn’t determine winning. There are too much fake people. There were too many fake people in Jerusalem telling Jesus Christ hosanna. Among them were crooks who said crucify him. Our people were defeated massively. Isn’t that a bad sign?” Senator Johnson further wondered.

The Nimba County strongman said President Weah needs to make major changes from the top level.

“All of the ministries and operations are in the hands of one set of people. They sat and their candidates were defeated in their own counties. Remove those people and change them. They are there to eat money,” Senator Johnson cautioned.

Reminiscing about Liberia’s dark past that led to the prolonged civil war, Senator Johnson said former President Charles Taylor was overwhelmingly elected in 1997 with the voters singing: you killed my pa, you killed my ma, I will vote for you.

“But Taylor forget his people and started focusing on his businesses. He got involved in Sierra Leone. He is now in Great Britain in jail. History is repeating itself. We need to get back to the drawing board. This is a special message. Put your house in order. Without fear or favor, we must do a restructure,” he said.

“Our national chair leaked the secret of our political leader, our president. To tell the world that our president can only give job to women if he sleeps with them is big disgrace. To tell the world that when the president goes around and brings money he puts it into his own project is damaging. Mr. President, remove Mulbah Morlu!” Senator Johnson closed his political sermon last Sunday

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