Prominent Liberians Attest To Mercy International Center’s Impactful Medical Services

A renowned private medical center, owned by a Chinese national , Dr. Zhai Yu, formerly located at Mamba Point in Central Monrovia has now relocated its office at the Catholic Junction, Old Road, with scores of prominent Liberians expressing satisfaction over the quality of treatments and services the institution has been providing over the years

At the well-attended opening program which was graced by prominent Liberians , former Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System Madam Olivia Shannon said Mercy International Medical Center is indeed one of the premium medical facilities in Liberia that provides quality, specialized and generally affordable treatments and services to its patients

She indicated that the Center which according to her is headed by a world class Chinese medical expert, Dr. Zhai Yu, has been operating in Liberia, for a period spanning nearly a decade, bringing much needed health reliefs and total satisfaction to both Liberians and foreign nationals.

Madam Shannon who delightfully disclosed that over the years, she and so many others immensely benefited, and continue to benefit from professional treatments and services being provided asserted that the Center has some of the best medical minds in the country who clearly understand their responsibilities as they make patients to leave from the center feeling better and happy.

She categorically rejected perception in some quarters of the Liberian society that there are no good medical doctors in Liberia for which some citizens often travel abroad to seek advanced medical treatment.

“Liberians are killing their own country day-by-day by saying there are no good doctors in Liberia for which some travel abroad to seek advanced medical treatments. This perception is not true because there are good doctors in Liberia and one of the good medical doctors in Liberia is Dr. Zhai Yu,” she emphasized.

According to Madam Shannon, “one may not have the required money to buy medications, something which is a major problem, but there are good doctors in Liberia.”

Turning to the renowned Chinese medical doctor who has been in Liberia for years, Madam Shannon told her amidst resounding applause by the gathering: “God bless you and thank you for all that you are doing for us. Don’t give up on me because I will not give up on you,” Madam Shannon said.

The female Liberian media mogul added that everywhere she goes, she promotes Dr. Yu and the Mercy International Medical Center by sending patients from abroad and in Liberia to the medical center because Dr. Yu has proven beyond doubt that she knows her job well.

Also speaking at the occasion, Madam Elfreda Stewart Tamba, former Head of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), pointed out that from the first day she visited the Mercy International Medical Center in Monrovia as a patient, she recognized that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Zhai Yu, is a very good physician.

Madam Tamba stressed that Dr. Yu’s medical center has a good record keeping and management system and provides good services. She lauded the CEO and staff of the Mercy International Medical Center for their professional medical treatment and services being rendered in the Liberian nation.

For his part, the President of NATHARM Resource Development Corporation, Dr. Eugene Shannon asserted that the Mercy International Medical Center, headed by Dr. Yu gives good medical treatments.

According to Dr. Shannon, medicines being provided to patients at the medical center are positively impactful and long lasting.

“We want to congratulate you for your work here in Liberia. We enjoy your services and we ask that you continue to render services to our country, you are now a Liberian, so consider yourself as one of us,” Dr. Shannon said.

The NATHARM Resource Development Corporation President described the new clinic facility established by Dr. Yu as “good and perfect” as its doors are open and sundry. “Congratulations again, God be with you and bless you,” he said.

Another prominent Liberian professional who has been benefiting from medical treatments offered by the center is Johnny Y. Barkemeni, a staff of Cavalla Rubber Corporation.

“For me after God is Dr. Yu. This is because for the past ten years, she has been there, providing good health services for me and many Liberians. “We appreciate you for this new facility and we hope to continue to work with you,” Barkemeni said.

Also making remarks at the occasion, Mr. David Seward, an official from the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, thanked Dr. Yu and the Mercy International Medical Center family for the investment in Liberia.

Seward pledged to encourage her to grow such investment in the country. He noted that he has been working with Dr. Yu in addressing Chinese Affairs at the Ministry of State and getting Liberian students prepared for studies in the People Republic of China (PRC).

Addressing the occasion, Dr. Zhai Yu, CEO of Mercy International Medical Center disclosed that the center has been operating in Liberia for 13 years now with support from its customers.

According to Dr. Yu, since the establishment of the medical center in Liberia, it has had successes and challenges. Dr. Yu told the gathering that she had a five- year dream to get a new and bigger building to offer more health services to the Liberian people.

She emphasized that it was very difficult getting a land or a building since she is a foreigner. She said the new facilities being used by the center were acquired based on a rental agreement and subsequently renovated.

Dr. Yu boasted that Liberians including foreigners can get the better health treatment at the Mercy International Medical Center as it is done in any part of the world.

She maintained that what makes her medical center to be one of the best is that it firstly gives patients the right diagnoses before the treatment, because if you give out the wrong diagnosis, the treatment will be wrong.

She said, the Center ensures that medications given to patients work well based on proper diagnosis and our services are fast, and you can get your lab result immediately.

“We tell our patients the right thing, what we can do and what we cannot do and if the sickness is treatable or not treatable. If we are able to treat the sickness here, we go ahead, if not, we recommend that you travel abroad, with that, they can make their decision,” she said.

Dr. Yu concluded that they want to import more equipment in order to provide more services so that people will not need to travel outside the country because she has more patients who are Liberians, Chinese, Nigerians amongst others.

“We also want to have our own ambulance for emergencies and also to have inpatient and not outgoing patients. We promised to serve our patients like before from our hearts and try our best to offer more services to all of our customers,” she said.

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