Pro-Temp Chie Launches Operation: “Weah 100%, Boakai Zero” Campaign in Grand Kru County

MONROVIA: The President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Senator Albert Tugbe Chie has officially launched a vigorous campaign in Grand Kru County code named “Operation Weah 100%, Boakai Zero.

Operation Weah Hundred Boakai Zero campaign; according to Senator Chie, is intended to ensure that hundred percent of the votes in Grand Kru, and all the Southeastern Counties are cast for President George M. Weah  during the November 14 runoff election.

Launching the official campaign for President Weah’s reelection for the November 14 poll – following his arrival Monday November 6, 2023 in Grand Kru, Senator Chie indicated that during the October 10 elections, their opponent Joseph N. Boakai got some of the votes in Grand Kru, but cautioned the citizens and residents of the County to ensure that President Weah gets 100 percent of the votes come November 14.

He used the occasion to commend the people for Grand Kru for turning out in their numbers to vote for him, Deputy Speaker, J. Fonati Koffa and President George M. Weah during last month’s election adding “You promised to vote for the three Hebrew Brothers, me, Rep. Koffa and President Weah; Koffa and myself have crossed but your son, President George M. Weah has not crossed yet, therefore, we can’t afford to give any of our vote to that other old man”.

The Grand Kru Lawmaker at the same time urged citizens from different counties residing in Grand Kru to equally vote for President George M. Weah because they are also beneficiaries of the development in that part of the Country.

Also speaking, Grand Kru County Senator, Numeme T.H. Bartekwa joined Pro-temp Chie by commending the citizens of Grand Kru for overwhelmingly voting President Weah, Pro-temp Chie and Deputy Speaker Koffa during the October polls and called on them to complete the task by ensuring that President Weah is reelected on November 14.

Based on the campaign schedule, Pro-Temp Chie is tasked with President Weah reelection campaign in electoral district # 1, Grand Kru County while,  Senator Bartekwa and Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa are task with the responsibility to ensure that President Weah  gets hundred percent  vote in electoral district # 2, Grand Kru County.

Protemp Chie who was recently reelected as Senator for Grand Kru County with over 82% of the votes, will continue his President Weah Reelection Campaign tour for the entire week, crisscrossing the entire Electoral District #1 and will end in Barclayville on November 12 to participate in the CDC Closing Campaign Rally.

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