“One Round Victory for Weah Sure” -6 parties vow, Join CDC

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

MONROVIA – The re-election bid of President George Manneh Weah got an upward traction over the weekend when 6 registered political parties vowed a one round victory for him in the ensuing general election when they took a joint decision to join the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) which they referred to in their resolution as “Grand Coalition for Democratic Change”.

Reading the resolution on behalf of the six parties, Mr. Robert Samie, National Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) said the decision for the parties to join the ruling CDC was carefully taken by the national executive committees of the respective parties based on their own volition and conviction that the stewardship of President George Manneh Weah bears the testimony to be given another term in office and vowed to seriously mobilize their members to campaign for the President and the CDC to ensure a “one round victory come October 10, 2023”.

In the midst of a mammoth crowd of their officials, partisans and supporters which was also witnessed by officials of the CDC including their National Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu, Secretary General Jefferson Koijee, party executive Josephine Davies, among others, the parties said their decision was in conformity with the constitution of Liberia and every legal steps were followed which will not warrant any objection from the partisans.

“As fully authorized by our various National Executive Committees of the registered parties that witnessed this resolution, the Union for Liberia Democrats (ULD), United People’s Party (UPP), Redemption Democratic Congress(RDC), Change Democratic Action(CDA) and the Movement for Economic Empowerment(MOVEE), have resolved to sign this joint resolution to declare membership to CDC and to support the successful re-election and campaign for His Excellency as the elected President in 2023”, Samie introduced the resolution.

The physical signing of the resolution by all the 6 national chairpersons of the parties preceded the reading of the resolution at the occasion held at the National Headquarters of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP).

Resolution: “Joint resolution of six opposition political parties declaring membership to the CDC. As fully authorized by our various national executive committee, we the following register political parties, the Union for Liberia Democrat (ULD) United People’s Party (UPP), Redemption Democratic Congress (RDC), Change Democratic Action (CDA), the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) and the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) have resolved to sigh this joint resolution declaring membership to the CDC and to support the successful re-election and campaign of President Weah as the next President of Liberia.

“Whereas, the six political parties are legally registered political parties of Liberia, in accordance with the new Election Law and applicable with Chapter 8 of the 1986 constitution on Political Party and election. We the following political parties by and through its respective chairperson affixed our signatures to this document on this 11 day of March 2023, “the resolution noted.

According to the resolution, the parties are acting in accordance with Article 17 of the Constitution to form the biggest political coalition ever in the history of Liberia.

“We in our separate and joint executive committee meeting made the decision to collectively, purposefully support the re-election of President Weah for his re-election and to officially join to form the Grand Coalition name and style the Grand Coalition for Democratic Change as the biggest in the history of Liberia. Whereas and in the view of the foregoing, we have resolved to be full flesh political parties” the resolution concluded.

The parties further indicated that as political institutions they have officially and jointly resolved to be a full-fledged political party of the Coalition. They also mentioned that they have further resolved that a copy of the resolution in the official communication be forwarded to the national executive committee of the CDC as reaffirmation recently expressed in individual signed letter of intent.

Meanwhile, presenting the joint resolution to the National chairman of the CDC, People’s Liberation Party Standard Bearer Mr. Tapple E.  Doe said they was excited to form part of the new political dispensation with the CDC, describing the signing ceremony of the framework documents as historical, adding it is  the arrangement that will pave the way for a one term victory for President Weah.

Mr. Doe furthered: “Who expected that this day could have come for six political parties to join the CDC. Therefore, we are excited to join all the other political parties for the successful re-election of President George M. Weah on October 10.

Mr. Doe also indicated that the decision for the PLP to join the CDC was reached recently at a national convention and agreed upon by all the partisans of the party, something he said was demonstrated through the huge turnout of their partisans.

He described the signing ceremony of the framework documents as historic, adding it approved President Weah one round victory. 

CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu received the documents from Mr. Doe for onward submission to the Standard Bearer of the CDC, Mr. George Manneh Weah.

‘Please tell the president that we, the six political parties, have agreed and signed this resolution to work with the CDC to ensure that President Weah becomes a one round victory president”, said Mr. Doe who is the political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP). 

Earlier the newly elected National Chairman of PLP, Bernard Benson aka DJ Blue, who had welcomed delegates to the program at his party Headquarters, said the PLP was united behind the new initiative and decision to join the CDC with other parties so as to ensure the actualization for the victory of President Weah and the party during the general election.

“Today, I would like to welcome all sister parties to this historic occasion. I want to assure and reassure you that this place is your home from today onwards. I can see already that from this collaboration signing ceremony, more political parties are in line to join this party. This decision is based on Philosophical and doctrinal similarities and the massive work of the government which is evidence around us here today” he said.

The Secretary General of the CDC, Jefferson Koijee described the occasion as historical and a testimony that the Liberian people are ready and willing to stand by the President in his re-election bid so as to allow him continue to do the good work for his people.

He had earlier called for a moment of silence for the late vision bearer and political leader of the PLP Dr. Daniel Estrada Cassell, describing him as a nationalist who believed in the country and its progress.

Amidst singing, chants of slogans and battle cries, CDC Chairman Morlu while receiving the documents for onwards submission to the President and the National Executive Council of the party, expressed excitement and happiness over the decision of the 6 registered parties to join CDC and assured them that they will be considered as strategic partners for the re-election of President Weah.

He told the large gathering that at first the party was looking at 60% chance of winning the election but as more parties continue to troop into the CDC, he is convinced  that they  are at 75% and overwhelmingly confident of a onetime victory.

“Let me say this to you today, you have made no mistake by joining the CDC. President Weah is the man on his way to a successful one round victory. I like to say thank you again for joining the CDC. “Morlu stated.

He further indicated that those who are joining the CDC are not doing so because they love the President or CDC, but they are doing so because of the great work of the CDC which can be proven by the empirical evidence around.

“They are joining today because they are convinced that the country is in the right hands and headed in the right direction. They are convinced of the infrastructure progress which is evidenced in the practical reality of road construction, healthcare, education and macroeconomic stability and good governance. The foundation of the future has been laid today and so they want us to continue on that path” Chairman Morlu added.

With the six parties joining, the CDC now has 9 constituent parties and are all supporting the Weah-Taylor ticket for the October 10, 2023 general election.

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