EJS Meets World’s Most Powerful Women -Liberia’s trailblazer Hail on IWD 2023

MONROVIA – As the World marked the celebration of this year’s International Women Day on March 8 which is meant to hail the social, economic, cultural and political achievements as well as amplify actions to accelerate gender equality, global attention was shifted on a number of leading global feminist campaigners on the record for their unreserved contributions to the cause of women and women issues. Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, unsurprisingly, was one of them, her trailblazing legacy is gaining mammoth traction amongst most powerful women in the world. Undoubtedly, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf still enjoys the distinguished honor and international acclaim as the first democratically elected female president on the African continent and her work to raise the bar for women ascendency to leadership positions and politics in Africa and to some extent on the global stage. The Analyst reports.  

The focus on Madam Sirleaf whose activities and engagement after her successive presidency during the IWD celebration came to public glare with the series of her high profile visits to meet renowned women who are either playing or have played outstanding roles on world issues and the commendation she received from them as well as those from afar who have been following her contribution to development and governance at the apex of international affairs.

The Analyst during and after the celebration of the IWD has been following the development trailed of some of those commendations which highlighted the immense contributions Madam Sirleaf has made over the years and the enduring legacy that will be bequeathed to the generations unborn especially in the cause of women emancipation.

One of such came from Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, the once powerful female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives who did not only acknowledge meeting Madam Sirleaf but also emphasized the feat achieved by the former Liberian leader in breaking the barriers to ascend to the Liberian presidency, thus becoming the first female democratically elected leader in Africa and amplify women rights and equality.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, Madam Pelosi heaped praises on Madam Sirleaf for remaining a champion of women rights and emancipation even after leaving office.

“It was my privilege today to meet with Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman ever elected as head of state for an African country.

“As we mark International Women’s Day, we celebrate President Sirleaf’s work to relentlessly break down barriers — ensuring women’s voices are heard,” Pelosi said.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Another worthy commendation came from the Vice President of the United States of America, Madam Kamala Harris. Like Madam Sirleaf, and perhaps drawing inspiration from her, Madam Harris rose above the confines of the barrier against women quest to ascend to top leadership position by becoming the first female Deputy Chief Executive of the United States when she was elected as a running mate to President Joseph R. Biden in 2020. In her tweet, she indicated Madam’s work to support African women leaders as well as being an inspiration to women worldwide.

“I welcomed former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the White House today to discuss her work to support African women leaders. Her legacy and efforts to support the rights of women are an inspiration to the world”, VP Harris said in her tweet.

Kristalina Georgieva

Another major encomium came from the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva who spoke about Madam Sirleaf’s involvement women leadership and mentioned that their discussion during their meeting centered around how the IMF can collaborate to empower women.

“Very Inspiring With @EllenSirleaf!

“We discussed the vital role of Women’s leadership in addressing global challenges and how the IMF can further collaborate to empower women economically and promote their roles in leadership positions. #IWD2023”, she posted from her official twitter handle.

Amb. Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Perhaps of all the rave review about the work of Madam Sirleaf, nothing captured everything more than on the platform of the Women History Month spotlight series which featured the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Madam Linda Thomas -Greenfield where the audience had the rare opportunity of learning all about Madam Sirleaf.

“Hi there, I am Linda Thomas Greenfield. And this year for women’s history month, I would like to spotlight former President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Ellen was a true trailblazer being the first female President of the entire continent of Africa. Ellen once gave a speech that resonates with me all the time. She says, if your dreams are not big enough to scare you, they are not big enough. And that is what I tell all the young women I meet and it is what leads me in my everyday life. If my dream is not big enough to scare me, they are not big enough. And Ellen Johnson lives that every single day. Having served at the time when Liberia was coming out of 14 years of civil war, and the people in the country chose her to lead this country to peace. I Linda Thomas-Greefield thanks so much for watching as we continue to celebrate Women’s History month,” said Ambassador Greenfield in a live video posted on her tweet.

The Clinton Presidential Center, an institution dedicated to continuing the lifetime commitment of former President Bill Clinton to advancing opportunity to mankind, also formed part of those who remembered Madam Sirleaf’s unprecedented rise to the apex of African leadership as a female politician.

“Liberian President@MaEllenSirleaf was the first woman elected as Head of State in Africa. She led her country after a civil war and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize”, the institution posted on its twitter handle.

Meanwhile an elated Madam Sirleaf told her numerous followers via her official twitter handle, @MaEllenSirleaf, how she was honored to form part of a panel discussion on the cause of women with officials of the World Bank and other women leaders and the target set towards producing two more women presidents by 2028.

“On #IWD2023, I was honored to join the @WorldBank and a panel of #Women Leaders to discuss the need to #Accelerate Equality in #Africa & around the world–and to challenge our continent to #Embrace Equity with the goal of electing two more women presidents by 2028”, she tweeted.

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