“My 2nd Term Will Accelerate Transformation” -Weah Assures the Nation as CDC Ends Campaign

MONROVIA: As the curtain draws to the end of the campaign leading to the runoff elections tomorrow, President George Manneh Weah sent out a rallying call to partisans and supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Liberians alike to turn out enmasse to reelect him for the second time on November 14, 2023 when the nation will decide who becomes the eventual winner of the presidential race, promising to accelerate transformation of the country in all sectors of the country.

Speaking to a mammoth crowd of supporters and partisans at the closing campaign rally of CDC, President Weah said that as per the final result of the first round elections, he came top of the rest of the contenders with the most votes but fell short of making the required 50% plus one to secure an outright one round victory which necessitates a second round for which he urged to “remember that every vote counts.”

“I urge each and every one of you to go to the polls early on Tuesday morning and vote for Number 2, which will symbolize your preference for continuity, stability, progress, peace, and prosperity for our country”.

President Weah who had arrived at the National Headquarters of the party, venue of the program told the huge crowd that since the announcement of the results of the first round and the reopening of the campaign period for the second round, “we have received many endorsements of overwhelming support from various opposition parties”, adding “these endorsements were not just from the opposition political leaders but also their grassroots membership” and said also he received endorsements from various special interest groups and other important organizations, including youths and first-time voters.

“These many endorsements are manifestations of your trust and confidence in my leadership.  Believe me, they have not gone unnoticed, and I do not take them for granted.  I am deeply grateful for these public and open demonstrations of your unwavering support.

“Your endorsements are not merely an endorsement of me, George Weah, but a resounding vote of confidence and approval of the policies and initiatives that we have worked tirelessly to implement during my first term in office that are designed to propel our nation towards a brighter and more prosperous future. We have laid the foundation in our first term of office, and together, we will build upon it during my second term”, he said.

In his self-evaluation of his 6 year stewardship, President Weah spoke glowingly of what he has done during the period under review, stating “our country has seen many improvements in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic development”.

“We have taken steps to tackle corruption, promote foreign investment, and create job opportunities for our citizens. But, my fellow Liberians, there is still much more work to be done”, President said, amid thunderous cheers from the crowd.

Against his achievements in his first term, President Weah made a vow that with a renewed enthusiasm, he will dedicate his efforts in his second term “to accelerating the implementation of existing programs and policies”, as well as to take on new initiatives that will further justify the vote of confidence being placed in him by the numerous endorsements garnered from diverse groups and individuals.

To make them stakeholders in his decision making process in the second term, President said he will listen to the concerns and aspirations of the people and use them as his compass for shaping a Liberia that truly represents the wishes and dreams of its people.

“I have engaged with you door to door. I listened and I heard you. The promises I made will be fulfilled. I will personally return to those same shops and homes where we sat and discussed to ensure that your businesses are improved, and your livelihood enhanced. I will continue to live up to the name that you gave me “TALK AND DO”.

“We stand united today, united in the belief that our country’s best days are still ahead of us. These runoff elections are not just about re-electing me as President for a second term.  They are about Liberia’s future.  They are about your children, your families, your communities, and the generations to come. Together, we will continue to forge a path toward progress, peace, and prosperity.

“Do not mind the threats from the opposition. This is your country, just as it is theirs. You have every right to exercise your free choice of your leaders, just as they do. They cannot threaten you for doing that. As I have repeatedly told you, THERE WILL BE NO MORE CHECKPOINTS IN LIBERIA.

“And as Romans 14:19 reminds us, “Let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another”, President Weah said.

President Weah reminded the people of his consistent promise that his government will do all that is within his power to ensure that these elections will be free, fair, and transparent.  “So, on Tuesday, go and vote in a calm and peaceful manner, in the full knowledge that there is nothing to fear as you make your free choice”.

“I now urge and encourage all Liberians to rally behind our cause, to make your voices heard on November 14th, and to cast your vote for Number 2.  By doing this, you will be voting for a brighter and better Liberia, a nation of unity and strength, a nation that exemplifies peace and is committed to a prosperous future.

“Thank you once again for your trust and support.  Let us move forward together, hand in hand, towards a Liberia where progress, peace, and prosperity are not just words, but a reality for every citizen”, President Weah concluded his speech amid standing ovation and shouts of “number 2, number 2”.and signs of two fingers raised above the their heads.

The Closing rally held at the national headquarters which attracted high profile government officials and top executives of CDC including the National Chairman, Mulbah Morlu, Secretary General Jefferson Tamba Koijee, National Campaign Manager, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Campaign Spokesman Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala was also simultaneously replicated in major cities in the rest of the 14 counties including the strongholds of the opposition Unity Party.

Reports monitored by The Analyst across the country have it that there were huge turnout in Ganta, Saclepea, Bahn and Sanniquellie in Nimba County while in Lofa County, the home region of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Standard Bearer of UP, CDC pulled crowd in Voinjama, Kolahun and Foya respectively.

Impressive turnout also occurred in Gbarnga, Bong County, home of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, Kakata City, Margibi County and all the major cities in the Southeast where President Weah netted huge home support during the first round.

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