“Mathew Joe’s Thugs after Me”-Charlyne Brumskine -Alleges Attackers Had Knife and Rubber Gun

MONROVIA – The fear of violence being characterized during the ensuing general election probably being instigated by some political actors against their opponents may have been played out over the weekend when the daughter of the late founder and political leader of the Liberty Party, Cllr. Charlyne M. Brumskine made an allegation that some thugs with a knife and rubber gun believed to be supporters of her rival Representative Mathew Joe of District #3, Grand Bassa County, “went to my political office in Buchanan with a knife and rubber gun threatening to kill us and burn our office down”

Making this startling revelation over the weekend in a telephone call to this paper and via her Facebook page, Cllr. Brumskine who is also contesting against the incumbent on the platform of the Liberty Party, said the alleged attack was not the first of its kind being perpetrated by elements from the camp of Mr. Joe as she recalled “that last month this same lawmaker sent someone to invade my home and take pictures.”

“We will not be intimidated by these thugs. But we are sounding the alarm yet again. LNP, NEC, Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Gender, please take note! If we don’t take heed now 2023 will be riddled with violence because some feel entitled to leadership!”

Commentators under the post decried the rising rate of violence in the country preparatory to the general elections and specifically spoke against what they called a “strange development” in Grand Bassa County politics.

For those who were favorably disposed to her, they descended heavily on the alleged attitude of Rep. Joe to be after his opponents when he was a product of a free and fair process that saw him defeating an incumbent in 2017.

“I cannot record any instance, where Hon. Gabriel B. Smith created an intimidating political environment in 2017 for those who opted to exercise their political rights. Making the political space participatory and violence free is a unique leadership characteristic”, said Othello Contowor.

“They are just desperate to retain office and they think this can happen through violence. They will continue to be exposed daily. They are not seeing their way through, having failed the district with incompetent leadership” said Jones C. Karyea who gave a hint to what could be the reason for the attack.

But Bobby Queminee in taking a swipe at the sitting lawmaker who is also seeking re-election offered some words of comfort and support for Cllr. Brumskine

“Mathew Joe feels threaten by your decision to contest the Representative seat of Buchanan District; so he has resulted in perpetrating violence against you with sole purpose of intimidating that you would not have the time to go but thoroughly campaign to get the novice of a lawmaker in him out. But I say to you, be not deterred, Counsel, victory is surely yours”

As for Josefu Morris Keita, while condemning the situation, asked the institutions of government named by Cllr Brumskine to take heed of the allegation.

“This is completely uncalled for and we hope the authorities so mentioned are taking note! We need action to avoid recurrence!” he said.

All efforts to contact Rep. Joe proved futile up to press time.

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