Margibians Defend McGill’s Residency -Call on NEC to Quash Detractors’ Propaganda

MONROVIA: In the wake of the certification of aspirants  on Tuesday, August 2, 2023 by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to contest for various positions in the ensuing October 10, 2023 general elections, reliable information reaching this paper indicates that the electoral body is still poised to further investigate claims brought against some of those who have already been cleared including former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Farlo McGill whom some concerned citizens believe is not domiciled and resident in Margibi thus he is ineligible to contest on the Margibi County ticket. However, as The Analyst reports, prominent residents of Advent Hill Community in Schiefflin Township, Lower Margibi County have quashed the claims in a letter addressed to the National Elections Commission where they claimed that Mr. McGill is not only a resident with property located at Advent Hill Community, but has contributed immensely to the upliftment of Margibi County, to the extent that the citizens have named a street in his honor.

In their letter addressed to the Chairperson of the National Elections Commission, Madam Davidetta Browne-Lansanah, on July 11, 2023, some eminent citizens of Advent Hill Community in Schiefflin Township, Margibi County said they were compelled to deny the fallacies of certain citizens acting on the orders of certain political figure bent on tarnishing the reputation of senatorial aspirant McGill for their own political gains.

“We pen this letter with an unwavering zeal in order to deny the fallacy and propagate the truth that has been awry concerning the domicile and residency of Hon. Nathaniel Fallo McGill in Margibi County; for which he presently seeks to serve as Senator. It has come to our attention that certain unscrupulous, misinformed and misguided individuals, who do not live in Margibi County, but acting on the orders of a certain political figures have spewed out lies, and perpetuated the notion that Hon. McGill does not reside within the County. As residents of Advent Hill Community, Schiefflin Township, Lower Margibi County, we find it imperative to clarify the misinformation doctored and cooked by evil-minded individuals who hired a handful of unknown folks pretending to be Margibians to prevent Hon. McGill’s participation in the October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

“Permit us to elucidate his domicile in a befitting manner. The home within which Hon. McGill resides is situated in Advent Hill Community, Schiefflin Township, Lower Margibi County, Republic of Liberia. In fact, he is a close door neighbor to Mr. Emmanuel M. Redd, Sr., Chairman, Advent Hill Community, and Principal Director for Human Resources Management at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia.

“We are unwavering witnesses to the circulation of McGill’s life within this illustrious County. The towns, villages, streets and byways bear the indelible mark of his footsteps, as he traverses the length and breadth of the county in service to the inhabitants of Margibi County. To the extent where the residents of Schiefflin Township in 2019 decided to name in honor of Hon. Nathaniel McGill a street named and styled “McGill’s Avenue, Advent Hill Community, Schiefflin Township, RIA Highway”. Please find attached photo of the sign board to be marked as Exhibit “A” which forms part of these cogent evidences of Hon. McGil’s residency.

“Madam Chair, it is important to mention here that the laughter and tears of our County resonate within the very fabric of McGill’s existence, intertwining his soul with the collective consciousness of the people of Margibi County.

“In the realm of rhetoric and political discourse, fallacies and fabrications often rear their ugly heads, seeking to undermine the integrity of those who dare to aspire to public office; some of which have been those uncouth political puppets seeking relevance at the expense of the doyen of Margibi County contemporary politics in the person of Hon. Nathaniel Fallo McGill. Madam Chair, we implore you, and the rest of the Commissioners, to cast aside the cloth of deception and embrace the truth that we now subscribe to and lay before you. Let it be known that Hon. McGill’s commitment to the welfare and progress of our County is not a mere façade, but an unwavering devotion that emanates from the very core of his being.

“It is our sincerest hope that this letter shall serve as a clarion call, piercing through the fog of misinformation that aims at obscuring the truth of Hon. McGill’s residency. Madam Chairperson, we beseech you and the entire Commission to dismiss the fallacies and propaganda that is only intended to ruin the name of our Senatorial Aspirant, and to invariably affirm his legitimacy as a true resident of Margibi County for which he aspires to serve as a Senator.

“May the wisdom and judgment that guide your noble office lead you to recognize the veracity made by eminent leaders of Schiefflin Township, Lower Margibi County,” stated the letter signed by Joe Alfred, Dorah, former Land Commissioner (2018-Feb. 2023) and Resident of Advent Hill Community; Anthony Brown, Commissioner and Resident, Schiefflin Township; Emmanuel M. Redd, Sr, Chairman and Resident of Advent Hill Community, Schiefflin Township; and Madam Kulubor M. Kwekwe, Women Chairlady, Advent Hill Community.

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