Who Owns 15th Street High Rise Property? -Cummings Finally Lays Rumors to Rest

MONROVIA: In the midst of burgeoning rumors surrounding the ownership of the building on 15th Street, Sinkor where the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) currently resides, Mr. Cummings has finally cleared the air, stating in no uncertain terms that the high-rise condominium was indeed built out of his personal funds and not by Lebanese as has been insinuated all around town.

During a live interview with some journalists within the premises of the said building and broadcast on his official Facebook page, Cummings led the media team on an excursion of his property, explaining that the main intent of investing in real estate was to generate income that would offset some expenses in Liberia and cater to the operational needs of the Cummings Africa Foundation.

“I constructed this building out of my own personal finances; so, the whole insinuation about Lebanese owning this place is untrue. We moved into this building in 2016 and some people were asking, why this big building? Why not a unique family home that you could move in and enjoy yourself there without any stress.

“So, I thought of having a productive asset that will generate income in Liberia which will make me offset some expenses here. One of these expenses has to do with the running of the Cummings Africa Foundation. We will need some funds to keep it running”, he said.

Mr. Cummings who has a very strong private sector background said the other reason for constructing the beautiful structure of that magnitude was to drive home a point that Liberians could undertake personal projects from honest sources of funds and not necessarily steal from the country’s treasury that is collectively owned by all the citizens.

“So, in a way we want to drive home some hard truths that people can create wealth or own properties in any part of the country without stealing from the people. We used our own money to build this place and we are enjoying it to our satisfaction. So, we are challenging our young people to strive for hard work; that there are practical and honest ways to look for money without corrupting the system, especially that which was meant for development purposes”, he said.

The CPP Standard Bearer who took the journalists around in the building said the structure has a gymnasium where tenants make full use of the facilities being provided in the building, asserting that he has been lucky to have committed and dedicated tenants who are well paid and pay their rental fees on time.

He said it was sad that Liberians are fast developing a negative culture where they believe that only foreigners can do great things in the country. “I don’t blame them, the system has broken down to the extent that people are fast losing hope in themselves, and the only way they seem to be comfortable is for foreigners, especially Lebanese owning properties while they sit down”, he said.

The interview which was carried live under the banner, “Talk to Cummings”, then went beyond his personal life to discuss other critical issues concerning Liberia, especially governance and how he wishes to change things differently.

He reiterated his plan to get to work immediately after his inauguration if he wins the 2023 general elections and set into motion measures to achieve some deliverables in the first 100 days which include finding the money to fix critical sectors of economy and returning the country to its past glory, as well as attracting investors that will provide employment for the citizens on the one hand and provide revenue to the struggling economy.

He said job creation will be one of his top priorities, and looks up to a virile private sector base and entrepreneurship to generate jobs for the huge youthful population, some of whom are passing out of colleges and universities every year without any hope of employment.

Cummings said he will place high premium on making Liberia an agro-based economy to ensure food security and export enough so as to generate revenue in the process. He said the best economies in the world today have a very strong agriculture base and Liberia cannot be an exception.

The businessman-turned-politician, while being optimistic of sweeping the October 10, 2023 general elections, said in the event he emerges as the next president, he will ensure to take stock of what he inherits as well as institute measures to probe the outgoing administration to ascertain if “they stole the Liberian people money”, adding that fighting corruption as he has always spoken about will not be compromised.

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