LINSU DISRUPTS MOJA’S ANNIVERSAY – “Disruption Was Sponsored by Gov’t. Officials”, says MOJA -Sen. Wesseh Demands Police full Investigation

The Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA), has condemned in no uncertain terms the violent disruption of its anniversary program on Saturday, March 23, 2019, by a group of armed thugs led by Mohammed Kamara, President of the Liberian National Students Union (LINSU).
“MOJA is indeed appalled by the nonchalant attitude displayed by the Police when contacted to intervene. The Movement for Justice in Africa observes that there is a growing pattern political violence and lawless behavior by criminal elements widely believed to be under the sponsorship of officials of this government”, MOJA said in a release issued yesterday.
The Movement is calling on the Justice Minister to conduct “a probe into this matter as it is becoming increasingly clear that charges of bias and partisanship displayed by the Police in the discharge of their duties to protect life are indeed well founded given the experience of last Saturday, March 23, 2019 incident”.
The Movement for Justice in Africa while resolving never ever to submit to the armed intimidation of criminal elements also called on all its militant supporters, sympathizers and well-wishers to remain calm and maintain the peaceful demeanor demonstrated in the face of unprovoked violence during its 46th anniversary program in Monrovia.
“The Movement for Justice in Africa must remind perpetrators of such mindless violence that violence only begets violence and that their attempts to return to the ugly and violent history of this nation’s past are but an exercise in futility because the Liberian people will never again bend their knees in submission to blood thirsty individuals and would be warlords.
“In this regard, the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA) calls on the international community especially the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Mano River Union (MRU) the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU) and the government of the United States of America to prevail on the Government of Liberia to take urgent steps to arrest the situation and prevent the nation from sliding back into violent conflict. This is not an option: This is indeed an Imperative!”, the release concluded.
In his reaction, Senator Conmany Wesseh who was expected to serve as a keynote speaker at the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA) 46th anniversary on March 23, 2019, expressed discontentment about the incident and said that what happened is a shame, undemocratic organization, and the misuse of the good name of LINSU to carry out acts that are totally terroristic and undemocratic, and it is not LINSU, because LINSU’s objectives are Academic, Social Justice and Freedom but to see those who called themselves LINSU to behave the way they did does not represent LINSU,” Senator Wesseh averred.
According to Senator Wesseh who is also a member of MOJA, “those who performed their act must take full responsibility for this and we call on the police to fully investigate the incident that was the cause of the disruption of MOJA’s 46th anniversary celebration last Saturday, in order to redeem the good name of LINSU.”
Senator Wesseh who is the founding President of the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU), established in 1979, and it was at the time he was elected as the first president, said LINSU has always committed itself to the truth and justice and that is all. “I have been in all of their programs including the inauguration of the current leadership; I made remarks at their induction ceremony and even inducted them into office.”
According to our reporter who was at the program, the disruption began when LINSU Chairman Mohamed Kamara along with his group under the banner of LINSU marched to the podium and stopped Mr. John H. Stewart who was about to give the history of MOJA at the program on grounds that; MOJA gives birth to the formation of LINSU and as such they should have be given the platform to serve as panelist and not to serve as an invitee to give remarks.
The LINSU group in their slogans chanted threats of words indicating violence that no MOJA anniversary would take place at the auditorium because the Students Unification Party (SUP) Chairman, Carlos T. Edison and Standard Bearer Martin K.N. Kollie have been invited to speak at the occasion thereby denying their leader Mohamed Kamara of participating at the program.
LINSU also linked Martin Kollie and Carlos Edison as anti-government who are against the CDC Government of President George M. Weah and insisted that they will not allow the program to go on, if SUP had been given the chance to talk at MOJA’s program.
Some eye-witnesses and onlookers in the neighborhood of the Capitol By-Pass area described the disruption of MOJA’s anniversary as hooliganism as most of the guys who claimed to be LINSU members were collected from ghettos and drinking spots who seized the stage and chased the Master of Ceremony out of the program hall. There are speculations that some participants who attended the program were besieged for a brief period and victimized by losing cash and other personal belongings.
Observers and residents in the area were astonished about the behavior of LINSU and termed the action as an ugly situation which also reminds Liberians of going back to the past history of the dark days.

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